SLAPP Suits: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Publicat pe 11 nov. 2019
After winning a legal battle involving a coal executive and a giant squirrel, John Oliver explains how SLAPP suits are designed to stifle public dissent.
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  • I’ve never been huge on musicals, but I loved that.

  • Awesome...

  • So is the court going ro have to watch this as evidence???

  • For people on computers: Hit 8 to go to the song, it works out perfectly

  • I....I love you.

  • Honestly, from the heart -- Fuck you Bob, you're some of the worst trash society has to offer.

  • A big thank you to HBO for standing behind freedom of speech

  • John has an amazing singing voice. Also, don’t mess with John.

  • Nice

  • Wow this is quite possibly the greatest episode ever.

  • Eat Shit, Bob ^^

  • The saddest thing about this? When it wins Oliver his next Emmy, they won't be able to show a single clip from the song on network television. :(

  • This is a massive power move on HBO's part. "We don't care about the money you costs us. Look at how much money we are willing to spend, just to tell you to eat shit."

  • Wow- what a stellar production!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂

  • Bob Murray is responsible for odd shaped and oversized plugs so we can never use all our outlets.

  • That ending might be the greatest thing I have ever witnessed.

  • I heard Bob Murray is the guy who posts as Qanon.

  • Bob Murray really picked the wrong people to fuck with huh

  • That's our John, sparing no expense and going all out to stand up to bullies.

  • Eat shit Bob! I love this show!

  • Slapp suits are like America's hate-speech laws.

  • Honestly these happen on both sides; Trump doing that would be a huge mistake because media corps and such would wind up suing people for criticism just like he would sue them; eye for an eye makes the world lacking in depth-perception.

  • this is incredible. that ending! just lovely.

  • How do I nominate this for a Tony??

  • We all know Trump is worse a 1000 times then Bob M. Vindictive eats the heart but some dont have one. Thanks John O.

  • I love trump BUT... I also love John Oliver. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I love you John Oliver! Have a nice break, enjoy the Christmas spirit and keep on doing what you do!

  • This is, bar none, the best thing I've ever seen. Eat shit, Bob! You can't sue us all, squirrel fucker!

  • Wasn't Bob Murray the one that blew up the Hindenburg?

  • Oliver is still the best.

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  • I think criticism is good, but ad hominem is bad. Love people, but love people enough to call them out on corruption or negative actions. You not only help them achieve Justice, but you help their victims achieve Justice too. If they're too corrupted to listen, don't ask them for their authority. Their authority means nothing if they aren't willing to use authority for a moral purpose.

  • Blocked in canada but I got a vpn boi

  • Yessssss!

  • PLEASE make this into an actual broadway musical!!!! This was a masterpiece of cinematic quality, a comedic triumph, and a beautifully and intricately choreographed musical for the ages. You can use my comment as the first review. Also, eat shit Bob Murray.

  • I KNEW Tonya Harding didn't do it. (22:00) (Ya know, Bob does look like the chubby idjit henchman from that Kerrigan event.)

  • Eat shit, Bob!

  • Brilliantly done!!!!

  • Freedom of speech doesn't exist in the US, it's a lie they sell you.

  • OMG! That was the best thing I've seen this Year!! Awesome J.O.!