SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV

Publicat pe 4 oct. 2019
SuperM's 1st mini album "SuperM" is out!
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1. Jopping
2. I Can’t Stand The Rain
3. 2 Fast
4. Super Car
5. No Manners
6. Jopping (Inst.)
7. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Inst.)
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  • Let's give a moment to say " I WISH JONGHYUN WAS THERE "

  • When it's time for jopping but your brain still : RING DING DONG

  • Amazing ❤️가자

  • Stan super m this group is visual 💗😭

  • Itu member Exo apa superm?

    • Resya _Gacha SuperM is a band formed Under SM ENTERTAINMENT , so its consists members of SHINEE- TAEMIN , EXO - BAEKHYUN & KAI , NCT127 - TAEYONG & MARK , WAYV - TEN & LUCAS , the members are still a part of their original groups !!

  • I like who Wears black.

  • بيكهيون ____ قائد فرقه سوبر ام ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ الصوت الرئيسي في فرقه Exo ◇◇◇◇ فنان منفرد ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ لنقدر تعبه


  • Kpop game channel

  • Oppaaaa

  • It’s February 2020 and who’s still JOPPING with me??? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • 💕💕

  • 💕💕🎶

  • I broke my replay button on Mark’s rap

  • If you wanna feel it say yeah 3:41

  • SUPER M'S members look like Asian rich boys lol!

  • C tellement badas xD

  • Solo is awesome Teams dances and songs is Most attractive

  • Tour concert With songs and dances As a team will be more expose All of your talent You guys was awesome More tour concert don’t stop This kind of mv was awesome Honestly

  • Every single day I came here just to listen Mark’s rap

  • 3:33 I can’t believe this is the person who opens locked shower door with chopsticks when other members refuse to take a shower with him I love him

  • 2:37 mark is so dope like omg And TEN my lovely TEN He is so cool 💕💕💕

  • For the 'avengers of kpop' at least dont embarass them by making ...this

  • baekhyun look's so cute oh cutie

  • لانه عندما نقفز سانقفزز...

  • 57477

  • Bop of the century😤✊

  • I will tell my kids they were The Avenger.

  • they are all my idol :)) nct shinee EXO wayV

  • Kai, Lucas 😙❤❤❤

  • A R T E

  • I will end Lucas one day, in a concert or elsewhere someone will end that talentless twat.

    • @Lamou Zuzi this person is twisted, don't mind them

    • Lol why?

  • So.. I want to get super m Jopping albums. Anyone knows which best site to buy sm albums? Official one just so I can support them.

    • If you live in the US, you can get them on Target. Though if you want to buy online, try using SMTOWN&STORE

  • I am an Army...But I love Superm Too

    • Dharampreet Singh Are U an INDIAN ARMY FAN ??

  • Who else LIVES for those High notes?🔥👌👌

  • Im glad their performance of Jopping and Dangerous Woman on Jimmy Kimmel is now available even outside of NA. Here is the link to DW: and Jopping:

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • SuperM

  • Wait i just realized its mostly an english song😍😍

  • This is male version of 7 rings everything looks like high fashion


  • SM family ♡

  • Markkkk!!!!!!😚

  • Markie🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • Nice to editing , ini Malaysia punya

  • So I'm still waiting for your dance practice. :)))

  • NCT 127 will comeback soon so please superfan can you support them .(my English isn't it )

    • @min icezz toxic

    • @Near By who are you telling me to leave!!!? Ugh dumbass

    • @min icezz Many fans here are multi family - just go away from SuperM MVs and comments

  • No puedo superarlo, este comeback es una joya

  • Qué canción más perfectaaa

  • 1:23 I see you :v

  • This group have 3 center of each other group

  • The coolest among all kpop. Kyaaaaaaah!

  • TEN IS PERFECT 10/10

  • Aguante super m