The Apple iPad MacBook Pro

Publicat pe 22 oct. 2019
Apple has pitched the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. The Libra keyboard/trackpad case for iPad Pro aims at making the experience more tactile. However, Brydge is not too happy about it.
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  • The part where I left off watching: 1:24

  • Brydge is releasing a version with the trackpad in Jan/Feb of 2020. I just hope that Apple enables 2 finger scroll for the mouse support so the trackpad can actually be useful. Right now it is just emulating finger touch, super close though. I have the Tab S6 and the trackpad is almost identical in function to a trackpad on a Windows machine.

  • By the way, this design have been shown in taobao several years ago. even not populer in china.

  • you need to know how long to connect with ipad.

  • This is not new to me, I guess other than the trackpad, which I honestly don’t care about with a touch screen, but I have a 1st gen iPad Pro 9.7” and I use a Zagg Rugged book pro case. Another reason I don’t care about the track pad is that I just use the up/down arrows on my keypad for scrolling. Used my iPad as a laptop for my entire last year of college and it was totally fine for note taking and web. However, because my school used PCs, a lot of times I’d need to convert a document I made in pages to a word document or at least a PDF, and that could be a pain in the ass. In general, for the casual daily user, there’s no need for a laptop really anymore. If u use a computer for school or work tho, for anything more than goofing off, u will actually need a laptop for the ports and the OS. Until, that is, they inevitably make a iPad/MacBook hybrid, which I think even tho Apple seems opposed, they eventually will do. It seems to be going that way whether they like it or not.

  • Just use the pencil with the keyboard.

  • My Surface Book 2 is better

  • Turn up your trackpad scroll speed

  • The iBook is Back! I for iPad. Book for Mac Book

  • When Brydge first unveiled the keyboard, that was before iOS 13 with the mouse feature.

  • Tbh, the Libra keyboard case looks like a pretty good trackpad for the iPad Pro, since it's useful for writing and editing ;) However, it isn't perfect and copyright of Brydge XD

  • someone at my college had this and I had to look again.. lol

  • They need to make the software update to give an option to turn the typing layout into a texting layout. The touch keyboard will have the same dimensions as their phone keyboard but split on both left and right sides of the screen so I can type like I text. It'd be even better if it could detect my palm placement and adjust the keyboard accordingly, quite impressive if they could pull it off.

  • Honestly get rid of the track pad. Make the keyboard larger to cover edge to edge and slap a big battery in it that can connect with your iPad to triple the battery life

  • I actually like that honestly...take my iPad everywhere and when I'm home dock it on the keyboard

    • @Marco I would but I dont need a tablet type device with windows. I wanted a tablet OS because I already have my desktop at home and I dont need to take that experience with me

    • Kevin Connell bro get a surface

  • Silly dooo, Apple is turning into a joke

  • It looks decent but I would probably use the iPad by itself more then the keyboard.

  • *F u n O n l i n e W o r k .c o m* -search in Google excluding gaps- is too doing extremely well for me. Easy dough. working from a smart phone only too!

  • where do u buy this

  • Apple needs to get their shit together and make a touch screen laptop! Are they tarded? Yes, they are.

  • I think im going to stick to brydge I personally think its better,and i dont like a trackpad i like better a mouse

  • As long as I can use Logic Pro x the same I’ll swap my MacBook Pro for a iPad Pro 🤘🏽

  • Surface Pro 6> iPad

  • Willit Du Bay Bee!

  • Willy Du just wanted to type it


  • IF the iPad Pro cost $300. then sure, why not. But since the iPad Pro costs $750.-$1900.... the hell with it, get a MacBook Pro.

  • man, you really can read and write? It's amazing!

  • I don’t know why but I’m curious about your apps on your iPad... care to share? 🤷‍♂️

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  • The title should be "The Apple MacPad Pro"

  • he didnt mention the rgb backlight

  • Big like

  • 2019: Turn your ipad into a macbook 2029: Turn your iphone into your macbook/ipad all in one device. RIP macbook/Ipad

  • "That's how you do it Lew." -Willy Du 21st Century

  • If your gonna do that might as well just buy an iMac pro laptop

  • This is a great option for your iPad Pro if you're using sidecar, although you need to connect this keyboard to the Mac via Bluetooth even though you attach it to the iPad Pro. Cuz the mouse support in iPad Pro sucks.

  • Wich company made it ?!

  • Me: mom can we buy a new iPad? Mom: we already have an iPad at home iPad at home:

  • Nice

  • 😮😮😮😮😲😲

  • I’m not interested

  • Apple sucks. I will never ever buy an Apple product again.

  • “Uhhh” - Will

  • I’ve been happy with the cloth feeling apple keyboard for my iPad Pro. Things like the brydge keyboard and this one you showed makes it to much like a laptop. I’m saying this as a negative. If someone wants a laptop, my view is, go buy a laptop. Stop trying to turn the iPad into something it’s not.

  • crazy idea but maybe just buy a macbook if you want a macbook

  • the way you can't pull up the multitasking screen absolutely triggers me. and then this wack scrolling... ffffffuck this is an absolute no for me.

  • where can I write to find out how I can get my time and money back from apple for there collet crap the put out? Every single day I am met with some sort of inadequacy in either the hardware or software. Serious question. Have had it with Tim the crap CEO Cook and his complete lack of attention to the fact that his company has gone down the toilet

  • Where’s the AirPods pro unboxing?

  • I hope I can get a MacBook Pro before they’re obsolete.

  • I bought a case like this but full leather. It was $10.00

  • Let me guess it's $3000!!

  • So... basically, once you get to this point, all bets are off and one should buy a Surface Book ;)

  • Lew will you check out the Samsung galaxy tab s6? The keyboard is quite good I heard and the tab too.

  • Or you can just buy a touchscreen laptop? 🤷

  • Such a good point! The iPad Pro definitely has some neat features but it is not at the level to replace a laptop. Once you buy all the accessories to give it that laptop feel you might as well just purchased the laptop 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Idk I think this would be good for school since I always use a computer

  • iPad is not a computer . it is for surfing the web watching Netflix. iPad is small and light , more for travel adding this really is defeating the purpose of the iPad. MacBook Pro is still thinner than this combo. so why ?

  • You love it when compagnies makes apple angry :D

  • *Can’t wait till it comes out!!!*