The ONLY PERSON allowed to climb the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA

Publicat pe 24 sep. 2017
This is part 2 of our Egypt Series where we tell the story of how Ammar became the first person in the world with the legal permit to climb the last standing Ancient Wonder of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's been a 2-year process and a lot of ups and downs and you will get to see how far he's come.
Video shot by: Perry Grone - follow him on Instagram @perrygrone
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Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer, Derin Emre
Editors: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer


  • I just went there and loved it! I also did the climb into Giza


  • Million dollars says the dick who fucked him over at the gate was ZAWI HAWASS- who, happens to be a Grade A 1st class fucking moron who is also a RAGING cunt. Seriously, google that fucking dick, and email egypt to cut any of his connections because he was, is, and always will be a cancer on the Egyptian Antiquities.

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  • Omar sounds so much more angry in Arabic, lol

  • I thought Ammar said “whoresguy”

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  • I climbed the great pyramid in August 1984 when I was 21 with my older brother and a friend from Egypt who was a fairly high-ranking equivalent of a district attorney. It was "illegal" and we would have never conceived of it, but there was a "guide" who hawked us to give us a tour after the sound and light show. Our Egyptian friend negotiated with the guide in Arabic after he was describing to us in English how special it would be including ascending the great pyramid, and the view from the very top, along with entering one of the queen's pyramids, etc. We thought it would just be some sort of rip-off but he said we could choose what we wanted to pay afterwards, so we wouldn't risk anything unless we felt it was great. We clarified that provision thoroughly that he could end up with nothing if we didn't like it. He obviously demonstrated a lot of confidence with that sales approach so we decided to see what it was all about. He was very well experienced, knew the best time to ascend (about 1am) carried a flashlight and knew the path. It wasn't difficult at all with most stone blocks being only a few feet above the last. It actually seemed like a well-established trail of sorts - that the guide knew very well - and I suspect he took people up there most nights of the week. The view from the top was breathtaking and we took pictures from the top of the scenic night view over Cairo. (You can currently find a RO-tv video with the view.) It took longer to descend than going up as we had to choose at each level whether to face inward or outward vs. going up was 100% facing inward. We then got a tour of a queen's pyramid with a burial sarcophagus, hieroglyphics which he interpreted for us in a way that made sense and there was active excavation going on around the the perimeter which he showed us. When the tour was over after 3am, we gave him $100 US which was more than $40 per hour. The experience was so incredible I would have given him more if I had the means, but I had just graduated and would be starting my first job about 2 weeks later after wrapping up a backpacking trip through Europe with the excursion to Egypt. The amount I gave him was the equivalent of a full-day's budget for my food, lodging and transportation during the trip. It was that amazing and surreal. Looking back at it, I can be almost certain the hawker/guide (who wasn't at his first rodeo) chose us carefully. We were young men - obviously foreign tourists, with nice cameras (demonstrating some sense of financial means) obviously athletic enough to not have any challenges making the trek etc. Having our friend along, to be the trusted intermediary and communicate the precise terms really sealed the deal. Of the thousands of people at the sound and light show that night, we, miraculously, were HIS choice for the after-hours tour that night. We literally saw no other guides nor tourists on the pyramid or at any time while we were with him. NOTE >> I'm NOT recommending anyone go try to do this in 2019 for a whole bunch of reasons. First, you could fall to your death. In addition, security today for EVERYTHING worldwide is entirely different than it was in 1984 and consequences for security breaches are very different also. I'm not sure what the penalty would have been in 1984, but I think we would have been OK with our Egyptian friend along as ranking government employee. (He was also amazed by the tour and didn't personally know anyone else who ever had the experience of climbing to the top.) As I understand the penalties for climbing the pyramids can now include 3 years in prison. When you realize how difficult life can be in Cairo with your freedom, you can be certain you don't want to end up in prison there. For anyone confused, the video references the failed attempt to be the first one to *legally* climb to the top. The title is click bait since no climbing was done. The hype over being the "ONLY PERSON allowed [[but failed]] to climb the Great Pyramid" is extremely misleading. There is a modern metal structure at the top - as you can see in the other RO-tv video. It was clearly done since 1984 and I'm sure the people who put it up there were "allowed" - so there's that... . In the end who cares that you were "the ONLY PERSON allowed" blah blah but didn't? There's also a statement about being too virtuous to bribe a guard at night, but it's highly customary in Egypt to provide monetary bribes ("bakshish") for "exceptions," "permissions," etc. In all likelihood some of the ex-officials who chose to grant your "world's first permission" (that the guard at the gate didn't get the memo on lol) also may have had something personal to gain. Favors, bribery, donations, and reciprocity are embedded in most cultures. It's part of life as a human with governance - likely dating back long before the pyramids were built - and it's not going away anytime soon. So I wouldn't hang my "claim to fame" on getting some ousted officials to sign off on something you never proceeded to do... In any event, I can attest that climbing was happening back in the summer of 1984 for those who were willing to break the rules to have an experience of a lifetime. Keep us posted on your progress in 2025.

  • whats that song at 5:40???

  • and its damn hot listening to guys speaking arabic

  • ammar its a pleasure meeting more of you

  • So did he ever climb it? I can’t find the videos after this

  • seriously,all your videos are just breathtaking and amazing!👍💞

  • I’ve been to the pyramids before it was so fun

  • Ammar died?

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  • Legally or illegally you shouldn't climb them in my opinion it's disrespectful

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  • Nothing that disrespects the pyramid** films inside when told not allowed

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  • Honestly Egypt bad country the people rude and they kick out outsiders edit: spleling errors

    • There was a shooting at new zealand and Egyptians prayed for the victims, so you were saying?

  • I have a question does ammar have Egyptian origins cuz in the vid he is speaking arabic in our accent ?? Plz respond I am Egyptian and from a city know as luxor ... If u ever came to luxor text me and i will show it to u .. love u guys .... Yes theory

    • Yup Ammar is from Egypt. Check out the episode before this one where the other yes theory members meet Ammar's family in Sadat

  • Ammar over all the videos I’ve watched with the guys or yourself saying you always have a vision etc. I think you have a special way of manifesting things to happen, so cool because the universe is working through you knowing you will go ahead with it

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  • @YesTheory why can’t Amar go back to Egypt for 7 years, that is so heart breaking, I wish I could do something about it

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  • Bro I live in Al Haram right next to the pyramids my be when you come again you stop by me house and give you some tea ❤️👍

  • Love from egypt jst so happy to be able to understand both languages in this video i often see chineese or other languages i dont understand

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  • Although I didn’t climb the Pyramids however during my travels in Egypt I did get a chance to ride a horse across the desert before the sun rised and was invited to have bread and tea with a nomadic group. Was one of my highlights of my life apart from when a horse almost went running into a mine field that wasn’t a good.

  • It’s yes theory... DO IT AND MAKE A VIDEO!!!!!

  • 3:55 who understood what they said in the car ( i did i speak arabic i am from Lebanon

  • The poor Amar, he's a very friendly Guy .....

  • ammar is arab like me

  • 2019 anyone

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  • I've climbed a pyramid In assassins creed.

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  • I'm from Egypt too and I know how much of an assholes some of the people can be

  • I am an Egyptian myself and I have never been to the pyramids even though I live in Cairo where the pyramids are located. 14 years and I have never visited the pyramids.

  • This channel is one of those guys who are actually genuine, caring, open-minded and for real real. So glad I found them^^

  • This channel is a true gem in RO-tv. You are promoting positivity all the time, but people are mindlessly giving attention to unintelligent vloggers (Jake Paul) that only 6 grade girls like.

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  • This is totally random, but I love that black and white split/spiral wall behind Ammar in the beginning. I want to paint one of my walls like that now :)

  • It is one of my dreams to go to Egypt and see the pyramids, I'm currently 16 years old, I've been to Africa before, but I was only able to go to Senegal. I am extremely grateful for that trip, it was the best trip of my life and I want to go back so badly, but Egypt is still up there. I used to tell my parents I wanted to go to Egypt before the pyramids fall down, the pyramids falling was one of my greatest fears as a child. I still have my whole life ahead of me and I still have 188 more countries to explore. I know I'll never get to all of them, but I hope I can at least scratch the surface.

  • oscar is fucking hot 🥵

  • Is ammar Muslim?

  • I went to the pyramids of Giza They are the worst things I have ever seen and been inside of. It’s literally a death trap. You can’t properly breath inside of it. I literally almost passed out and died.

  • I was finally able to visit Egypt in 2010 after a decade of dreaming of doing so after my elementary school teacher told us about her time teaching there and all the historic sites she came across. Despite many of the locals following the tourists around at the pyramids and other sites demanding they buy junk they don't want the visit was a fascinating experience and I would recommend everyone goes if they can.

  • They didn’t even climb it!

  • U guys know why he will not to be able to return to Egypt Yah i know u are not Because our faking military suuuk system . I miss u EGYPT tooo 🇪🇬 😢

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  • Fun fact: my grandpa climbed the pyramids illegally while drunk!👍🏻

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  • They won't let you climb the pyramids b.c their is supposedly an interesting phenomenon about pyramids where you feel a kind of energy pulsing out of the top point. It might just be some conspiracy about free energy generation, but just look up what people say about pyramid power.

  • People had sex on the pryamids

  • مع حضرتك الشبح عبد الله

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  • You made all the Egyptians proud Ammar... we'll be waiting for you when you get back☺. The fact that a simple Egyptian teen can accomplish such a huge achievement like YES THEORY is amazing. Keep your head up. ~A fellow Egyptian

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  • Ryan Taylor and his friend climbed the pyramids last year and nothing happened to them. They even uploaded the video to RO-tv.

  • i understand arabic and its funny when Ammar talks arabic edit: what happned in the end

  • Hey, my name is Ahmed, I'm from Egypt, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your videos( I recently started watching), your Messages inspire me. My father is the assistant minister of foreign affairs of egypt's ministry of foreign affairs! I'd like to help you out if you need it once you come to Egypt, also love to spend time with you guys as well, maybe get to Know more about your lives too, always good to have one more friends. ( I have severe social anxiety/on the low autistic spectrum too btw... So yeah you're videos made a difference in the way I want to behave and act towards humans..)

  • What the fuck happened? How far did you climb the pyramid? If you didn't, why do you not tell us what we actually wanted to hear or see?... Prove us the permissions were real, etc. I do not believe any of this.... This video was a waste of time!