The Signal Fire

Publicat pe 16 aug. 2019
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The Signal Fire · Killswitch Engage · Howard Jones
℗ 2019 Metal Blade Records, Inc.
Released on: 2019-08-16
Producer: Adam Dutkiewicz
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  • 100percent of these comments are comments

  • This song is about Howard Jones struggle with Depression and Anxiety. He nearly committed suicide in 2009. Thank god he didn't it would have been a tragic loss to the world.


  • i wish howard got the chorus and some more cleans, he's just my favorite singer ever. prob still fav band period

  • Who said rock-and-roll is dead 🤟🤟 they must have not ever heard KSE

  • 🤟🤟🤟🙏🙏🙏

  • This song GOES 🤘

  • Anyone else putting this banger on their workout music rotation??

  • Unbelievable amazing Howard and Jesse !!!! Wow love this song so much and the whole album is unreal killswitch did it again

  • Breaking news: scientists discover alternative to Viagra - The Signal Fire 🔥 # erection engage

  • Im really diggin the new something wrong with me for liking i dunno what to call it.. the "pre-solo guitar" style prior to disarming the discent? I know they had random solos thrown in some songs earlier like breathe life and never again.. but i dunno...maybe i just miss their pre 2009 sound if that makes any sense.

  • As fans we demand two vocalists after this song. But also I understand adding a second frontman would cut the wages from every member by 1/5th to cover the additional paycheck

  • Liked and added to playlist before listening, heh.

  • I hope my neighbors like the song as much as I do

  • It's gettin' to where I to hear this at least once a day.

  • No more following this endless maze Separate will define the new way What’s broken is what leads us all astray The chosen are renewed in amnesty Broken, hopeless, the state of all our fates Revolted, woken, lead us from this place Nowhere to hide, strength realigned The signal fire’s alight Given to fight, there’s hope just in site The signal fire’s alight Can we walk a mile in another’s shoes To determine what we have to lose (To lose) Disconnection of a common reality Becomes so lost in this world of hypocrisy Nowhere to hide, strength realigned The signal fire’s alight Given to fight, there’s hope just in site The signal fire’s alight Alight This is our beacon to deliver us all To guide us away From this decay of humanity Yeah Nowhere to hide, strength realigned The signal fire’s alight Given to fight, there’s hope just in site The signal fire’s alight Alight Alight I won’t give up this fight Alight The signal fire is alight

  • Fuck man!!! So fucking awesome!!!!!

  • Is it just me or are Jesses cleans sounding most Howardish in this fucking masterpiece?

  • amazing composure of the metal

  • This is how KsE should be! Both of them doing songs together!! Amazing!! So happy!!

  • I’ve waited so long for this ❤️❤️

  • The album art is kick fucking ass. The album is also good.

  • This is killswitch... this is perfect.

  • The prayers of all KSE fans have been answered. The Howard Vs Jesse arguments are invalid and canceled finally. I wanna cry now. But I wont cause this is metal and WE SHOW NO EMOTION BUT BRUTAL.....😭😭😭

  • Who came after watching the music video?

  • Listening to this / freaking out because howard&Jesse speak truth

  • Seth Rollins

  • Killswitch Engage!!!!!!! Became a fan during Howard's time with KSE, stayed a fan even with Jesse. Howard fans outta love this. All I gotta say, feels good to hear Howard in KSE once again.

  • Only thing missing is Howard's cleans, which have gotten waaay better than his last killswitch album

    • Also, this should have opened the album.

  • Fucking EPIC !

  • Killswitch Engage had an appearance from Jesse Leach on their 3rd album. It makes perfect sense to feature Howard Jones on their 3rd album since Jesses' return.

  • Howard... : ) nothing else needs to be said.

  • They're gonna have to make a new guitar hero for this

  • Definitely clicked on this for Howard 👍🏼

  • Hey there! If you'd like to discuss the record or hear my thoughts, I dropped my album review a bit ago! :) Cheers, and I hope you all have a great day! :D

  • KsE should make two albums one with Jesse Leach and one with Howard Jones KsE rule

  • I honestly was hoping for some cleans or duets from Howard on the song. Still good, but here's to hoping we see more of these collabs!!

  • Yea buddy!

  • It's going to get overshadowed in discussion, but Justin is killing these drums!!

  • They trying to be Trivium now?

  • Best song on the album

  • I've always felt Howard was the better 'metal' singer. Jesse has more range vocally. Man I miss KSE with Howard. Both are great, but I prefer Howard

  • When your dad and step dad put their beef aside and support you on your big day.

  • Straight up epicness! Never change ever!

  • HoJo kills it in this track! God I miss him in KSE

  • Holy shit amazing better then expected

  • Such a good song! 🤘

  • This song has needed to happen for a long time. We need a whole album of the Jessie and Howard’s together!

  • I'm not gonna lie this was probably the most disappointing track on this album which sucks because I was looking forward to it so much. Howard didn't have nearly enough lines in this song and it felt short. After all his contributions to the band they only gave him a single verse in the song.


  • I kinda came in late to kse. I started listening in 2009 after howard had already been on 3 albums. And I just think the band is better with howard. I dont really listen to any albums by them other than the Howard Era. I mean howard is the one who got me into the heavier metal. So I just switched over to light the torch.

  • Jesse is doing great but damn do i miss Howard

  • I'm surprised Howard never sang in this song...

  • Nice and heavy!

  • I remember when 9 out of 10 Killswitch fans weren’t neck beards who drive lifted trucks. I miss those days.

  • My life is complete now.

  • Alguien más de México desvirgandose los oídos una y otra vez con esta rola? 😆😆🇲🇽

  • If Jesse and Howard did an entire album together it would be the greatest master piece ever vocally

    • They should get Christian Alevstam on board for their next album. His vocals are what put Scar Symmetry and Solution .45 on the map.


  • Whew that was awesome