The True Cost of the iPhone

Publicat pe 15 mar. 2019
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    • That why must choice android

    • U suck fucker

    • "The true cost of iPhone" is a nice title to this video essay of the value of iPhones over the years and the actual net it costs you though it's really (I think) unintentionally misleading for someone about this being the actual manufacturing cost of the hardware

    • why u so stupid u waste 10 min of my life

    • Sliding in to that sponsor was smooth

  • When you can pay 120€ and get phone that does the same thing for you as a 1300€ phone you aren't going to get the grest value phone

  • its amazon not alphabet

  • Oh yeah of course Apple are selling less phone bruh you have to do 1 search on google to destroy this argument

  • This is such a long boring video.

  • Dave is into CGP Grey and Kurzgesagt judging from his video background

  • I like android and Apple comment if you like Apple like you like android

  • ha iphone updates making iphones faster the iphone lasts 3 yrs before a slow down eh oh battery replace that you have 1 yr before it slows it self down again

  • no there is a third way make stuff as cheep as possible and sell it as expensive as you can and have great marketing apple in a nutshell

  • This video was pointless. When you go to phone store and that iPhone is 1,000 and some, where you get a 700 phone that does the same things and better, well people will get the cheaper.

    • @Gosht It's stupid. People will buy the cheaper phone. Why do you think a lot of Apple users are switching to the Samsung Galaxy s10. Because it's cheaper and does everything Apple does and better? You can do more things with Samsung than Apple.

    • LittleImpaler yeah of course it work like that that’s exactly why Apple sell 6 time more phone than Samsung bruh make some search before saying that

  • omg so much talking


  • Iphone sux lol

  • 5:42 when i die in fortnite

  • Fuck it, ima make my own iphone

  • I just don't understand why they make their phones so much expensive if the people are becoming less interest in the first place?

    • Jeff The Ripper 1 people aren’t becoming less interest on iPhone. 2 Apple sell 6 time more phone than Samsung. 3 a Samsung note 10 cost 347$ to make and Samsung selling it over 1.2k so stop complaining about apple when other make worst

  • 5 dollar phone for 1000

  • Why does he call google alphabet

  • "A multimillion dollar idea, it just needs somebody to program it." - I just got PTSD

  • 0:51 Apple’s new competitors are Dashlane, Skillshare, NordVPN, Dollar Shave Club, and most of all, Brilliant. Keep it up sponsors!

  • Um no it messed up because a Mac holder costs 999$

  • I only have an iPhone 4s HELP ME!!!!!!!

  • Great videos, but this guy is the master at seamlessly introducing ads xD

  • Awesome video! Kinda confused why some people are complaining about this being a 10 min explanation, given that they saw the length when they clicked on it.

  • People change phone every 3~4 years while my dad every 5 years

  • You don't answeard the question. What is the true cost of iPhone?

  • People also coming into the knowledge that its a shitty phone in comparison to its Android competitors in levels of hardware. *shots fired*

  • Everything gets explained except the real price 😂

  • Haha I still use iPhone 5 se

  • I prefer apple iPhone because of the OS. Their operating system is a billion times better than that hack job of an OS called Android. (I don’t worry about viruses or apps crashing because of IOS)

  • IPhone equals camera andriod eqauls perfection.

  • The iPhone 11 is cheaper and the 11 pro isn’t

  • I don't think so, we can't calculate exact price. Software and hardware design and development process cost a lot. And not just for one or two year. It takes equal of the Apple Corp's age. So you do not buy piece of metal and glass. Should consider all of research, developmen and design process.

  • My dad spent 34,567 thousand dollars to buy new phones bc he keep loosing em, or just wants the latest iphone, he has he iphone Xs max.

  • Watching using Iphone X I bought it from Shopee, an Online Shop here in my nation (Philippines) and it cost 31,000 Pesos retailed price like a Cost of an Air conditioner but the specs is the same as my Cousin's X... And by the way I'd using this for about a year now.... So proud of the Chinese 🇨🇳 they really meant what Iphone Costs.. 😊

    • My Oplus phone costs only around 3,495 pesos.

  • I was always taught to value money. That's why when I look at phones, I compare specs. There are way better phones, including quality-wise, than iPhones and they cost way less than Apple's 'gem'. I was also appalled when my girlfirend wanted the new iPhone and a flashy new case. I do have that kind of money, but it's not for throwing in the trash. Needless to say, she is my ex now. Happily.

  • People who complain about the length of this video are probably the kids who says "I don't NeEd tHIs in real LifE GivE me the MoRe ImpoRtanT sTuff!"

  • Microsoft, amazon and alphabet??

  • good video but a terrible and misleading title

  • Tbh iphone are worser than samsung and still Costs more like what do you mean

  • PC killed apple(pancreatic cancer killed Steve jobs).He was a great man if he was still alive today Samsung would go bankrupt.

  • alphibet

  • 1$ because it only has 4 GB ram... And Not even Full HD, or Quad HD, Not even 48 MP

  • iPhone is bullshit, not worth even 100$, just overpriced regular phone

  • I'm more interested in the fact total GDP for Haiti 🇭🇹 is 9 billion. How are they generating this money? Considering they are the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

  • hi

  • 4:06 thank you sooo much for that

  • Stonks

  • An apple phone that costs 1000 dolloars last for two years. Best value ever for a phone.

  • Only like this if you have an IPhone 📱 👇🏽

  • phone = 5 dollars, software 996 dollars, Microsoft is the biggest antitrust case in history, the greatest monopoly ever that made the entire world use software for a computer that cost more than the computer itself, at least 100 billion in taxes are due for Windows alone.

  • Nice

  • Apple: sells $400 phone for $999 Samsung: sells $400 phone for $300

    • @Julian GameZ i have the a70 bruv i feel u

    • @DA Dominos Samsung's A50 is half the price of the iPhone 11 and is much better I have the A50

    • @DA Dominos not really

    • @DA Dominos No its not lol

    • Julian GameZ Samsung is becoming apple

  • A premium phone for like 100$$ are Samsung A series and old galaxy’s and notes

  • I Upgrade My all two years

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  • I still see people using the iphone 4s, 5c, 5s and 6.

    • i still use an iPhone 5 rn lol

    • My teacher has the SE

    • Iphone 5C user here 😂

    • Koen Johnson 6s user here, not upgrading till this dies/becomes horribly obsolete tbh

  • It's because of the design *cough* *cough* iphone 11

  • Now you have the iPhone 11 for 700$

  • *Humanity Has Never Seen Such Bullshit Before*