The True Cost of the iPhone

Publicat pe 15 mar. 2019
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    • why u so stupid u waste 10 min of my life

    • Sliding in to that sponsor was smooth

    • Alphabet you mean google😂

    • @Colin Miller My Android phones have never been slowed down by software updates, in fact it gets faster. So, I don't see how you can just spout unfounded and unprovable lies because your an IPhone user.

    • The TRUE cost of an iPhone is the price you're willing to pay. Full price at launch or wait 3 months and get it for half price or free with a new contract or buy it new from ebay for about $700.00

  • Watching this on my 5s

  • This is why you buy a refurbished iPhone, save half the time for a phone that will work just as well as the brand new one, maybe even better. I bought a refurbished iPhone 6 Plus off of a refurbish website. I bought it for only $135.00 and how much does Verizon want it for? Which is my carrier. Around $450.00 and apple wants around the same for this 5 year old phone. All refurbished phones aren't cheap crap. I recommend refurbished from for a cheaper, and sometimes even BETTER iPhone/Galaxy. Just saying. My phone works perfect.

  • Although I didn't get what the true cost of the iphone is I realize that I still spent more than the actual cost of the phone even when I bought it used. Ok, the video didn't say how much it actually costs but we do not know the cost is significantly less.

  • I've been cancelled *_"CRAPple WhyPhone"_* since *_"CRAPple G5"_* desktop PC. If someone GIVES Me a brand new *_CRAPple WHYPhone,_* I say thanks, other than that, I have nothing to do with ANYTHING *_"CRAPPLE."_*

  • 8:45 they've made it easier than ever to change the battery??? Good luck spending 400$ on a battery 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: fixing the time

  • 5:05

  • This was dope until the ending lmao 😂 that was corny and not slick 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • He had to throw in some BS about environmental sustainability for no reason. Otherwise good video.

  • @11:55, here it comes...

    • not hating BTW, if this channel pays you enough to make a living, good for you!

  • You got to check the prices of iPhones in Mexico, they look more expensive on their website. 🤯 💸💸💸

  • ofc they update the older iphones with the new ios, it fucks up the batteries and then they replace them , now, they give you a choice but still , its a bit scamish

  • **watches this on an iPhone XS”

  • I'm never going back to apple. Android has never disappointed me

  • omg that transition at the end from tips to advertisement :D But really good video! Very good aspects!

  • wasted 12 mins watching this video. without a degree in managing business, I know the why apples sucks now. Iphone 6 = 7 = 8 and iphone 10 big notch. Design out of dated and overpiced too much.

  • 🤣🤣 Apple Products Are Simple... It Probably Costs $300 To Make The Latest Iphone Then Boop The Consumer To Pay $1400 😂 This Vid Is Advertisement BTW 🚮

  • It's probably the "real" Sapphire glass lol

    • Im saying that thats probs why iphone prices are going down

    • @Mimi Ramone No iphones make fake saphire glass

    • Lol What a genius idea to make something out of glass… That won’t break or anything

  • Lol..... My mobile is 7 yrs old..... I still play games on it 🤣🤣

  • What? Everybody has a passport? Haha

  • iphones are shit, your welcome.

  • very insightful

  • 7:20 You're welcome, mate. You're welcome

  • Well u just exposed Apple, ur gonna die

  • 9:50 thanks google.

  • Psssst... hey Apple... just because your phones have cool features and is made of higher quality materials does not mean people will fish out $1,000...

    • Better materials and cool features... such as ???

  • 0:43 The high price -_-

  • I don’t think it was the first trillion dollar company in history of the world

  • Great way to make money on RO-tv

  • *I am not gonna lie they had us the first half*

  • Stupid video 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Im watching this one 1.75 speed

  • Owning a passport? I thought that was just something people are suppose to have?

  • I thought you were going to bring up the TRUE cost: locking materials up in a hard-to-salvage device that loses its usefulness fairly quickly (compared to 90 technology for example), having been shipped and produced using saved up resources (oil etc).

  • But with said app that predicts the future price of your phone. If everybody sees that their phone will be extremely expensive at a certain point in time, won't they just all sell it at that point in time which in turn pushes the price extremely low again?

  • Apple is making us on force to buy new model. All "system updates" slow down "older" models so ... It's like,buy new one it will run great (for a max 2 yrs). I got back to Android and Huawei and it's great to be back.

    • Yup!! & hidden prices on the apps. They have become like a Third World country mob. I sat in the Apple Store today and listened to so many people get told that their “only option was to buy something new”... Figures!

  • Are you gonna say the true cost of the IPhone? pOlYmAtTer: well yes but actually no

  • wrong ... iphones are on,y good for 4 years. then apple drops support and pushes developers to also drop support. hence, used iphones are not worth much. apple wants people to trash their phones and buy new ones. he never mentions this.

  • Tim Cook...

  • What's really confusing here is if a person is buying a used iphone X now inspite of having iphone XS in the market won't the person who sold the iPhone X buy the latest iPhone XS for himself? The more people buy it second handed, the more should be the first hand buyers of the latest product & eventually more profits because there base prices have been fairly increasing.

  • iPhone owner = 🤡

  • iPhones do go up in price though depending on the condition it’s in. Nowadays, a sealed iPhone 3G or even 4G is way more expensive than it was back when they first came out, same with Macs and MacBooks. Of course, nobody wants to buy a brand new thousand dollar phone or computer with the intention to keep it sealed and sell it for a profit 10 years later, but many people have done it and no other brand has the premium and “iconic” reputation that Apple has, therefore brands like Samsung or Huawei or Google would never be able to sell a 10-year old sealed phone at the same price someone would be able to sell a 10 year old sealed iPhone. I mean, imagine how much the iPhone 10 is gonna be worth in 10 years. I mean, there’s sealed iPhone 2gs selling for well over $10,000 dollars on eBay right now and that’s just a starting price, and Apple fanatics and collectors actually purchase these phones.

  • Apple have "made it easier than ever to just replace the battery"? They're fighting tooth and nail to prevent you from doing said replacement and any other type of repair anywhere else than Apple stores. Where they of course charge waaaaay more than a replacement ever should cost.

  • Switch to Android, it would be the best decision ever

  • "apple only makes quality phones" I don't believe that

  • First trillion dollar company? I'm sure Aramco reached that well before apple lol.

  • in Malaysia happy meal is RM 10 iphone X is RM 6,000.00 in the US, happy meal is USD 3.99 IPHONE X in the USA is USD 1,000 malays

  • who the fuck liked this shitty video

  • 0:25 alphabet 😂 why not Google

  • If you are man and you prefer crAPPLE products you also prefer the Company of other Men