This Is The Real Lionel Messi - HD

Publicat pe 7 iun. 2019
Everybody knows how good Lionel Messi's football qualities are and that he is probably the greatest footballer ever. But what's inside him, how is his character?
Well Messi is not just on the pitch a great person, but has as well off it a golden heart. Despite his fame, he stayed humble.
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  • Can you name me a better player than Lionel Messi ON the pitch? No. Can you name me a better player than Lionel Messi OFF the pitch? No.

    • @JÄMT UTE Ronaldo it's the power, Messi it's the perfection. I think Messi is better than CR7, R9, Maradona, Pelé, Cruyff...

    • You can keep your NO's with you There is a 🐐 CRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVEIRO

    • Euhm Ronaldo and Ronaldo

    • Me

    • Salah, Kante...

  • 👑👑❤

  • My grandchildren will say whos messi and ill cry

  • 🐐 GOAT

  • I love this man so much. Anybody else?

  • he gaved ribbon to dybala in copa america and he scored a nice goal

  • And people say he doesn’t have any personality. I think he just doesn’t like expose that much of a feeling

  • If you were playing in heaven *Messi* then I would die to watch you play there #lionel_messi 😎😘

  • Messi the football magician

  • Messi is above and beyond!

  • If it was Ronaldo that got “fouled” in the box, he would never admit to the ref that he dived

  • I'm not a Barça fan, but I have lots of respect for Messi !!!

  • He is not only a great player but also a loyal husband a good friend a responsible father and a better human being

  • Messi

  • He deserves to win a major trophy with Argentina to end his career with no doubts anymore

  • I used to be a cr7 fan before 6 minutes

  • Will there ever be someone like him ? I don’t think so . So appreciate him to the fullest

  • Wasn’t such a nice person to Milner by calling him a donkey

  • the goat 💎💎💎💎

  • Love You Lionel Messi

  • I am the 1,000,000th view


  • Legend!

  • the real tsubasa ozora

  • The most famous man on earth. No wonder why.

  • Millions watch their heroes. He is truly the best.

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  • He gave that ribbon to dybala against Chile

  • The BEST player on and OFF the pitch ever.

  • He is the real hero in this planet I'm from Pakistan I love him so much and no one better than Lionel messi I'm also fan rolado and ronaldino butt he is my last hero no one take his seat in my heart I love you lionel messi love you GOD always be with you

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  • I dont understand how he could be the best player of football and kindest person I have ever seen in the same time.

  • 2:37 #Respect

  • *Who else thinks Messi is The GOAT*

  • forgot bout movies we have a real life hero KING MESSI

  • and now he has 2 stupid red cards

  • Gem 💎❤️

  • Messi is one.

  • Love u messi 😘

  • I love Football.. This is the sport that I first loved.. And will always be my first... And I first discover this sport because of First Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.... Football is home of the legends... This is where legends are born...well boxing also have legends... Specially Manny Pacquiao.. Manny Pacquiao is just like Lionel Messi... The best inside the ring and a humble and nice guy outside the ring.... Just like Messi

  • Doesn’t matter if he win or lose, I still will appreciate him

  • Beautiful!!

  • How tf can people still hate on messi??

  • This is why Messi is already a legend...

  • Esse cara é um exemplo de humildade e sem dúvidas o melhor jogador de futebol que já vimos jogar até hoje...

  • He is my Hero all this time

  • henDRickz -.- -lake- palmer ermerson / wakemähn --.^^ apöll / $ivvä ^ ^

  • I didn’t know he kept the ribbon, it just was something that gave me luck and so I gave it to him in hopes he would get luck from it

  • 😍