This Is The Real Lionel Messi - HD

Publicat pe 7 iun. 2019
Everybody knows how good Lionel Messi's football qualities are and that he is probably the greatest footballer ever. But what's inside him, how is his character?
Well Messi is not just on the pitch a great person, but has as well off it a golden heart. Despite his fame, he stayed humble.
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  • Can you name me a better player than Lionel Messi ON the pitch? No. Can you name me a better player than Lionel Messi OFF the pitch? No.

  • The real messi is the one who can't score penalties

  • I hate it when people compare salah to Messi. Like if u agree

  • Why not to love Messi ...

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  • GOAT

  • My life had no meaning til i found u Lionel

  • Now I am crying at the Coutinho's part. Just come back home Couti.💔

  • We love FCB

  • the thing that still haunted him is villanova said that 'never leave barca ' if messi is me , my heart is really heavy for the rest of my football career .

  • I wonder y god came on earth.....really unfair for can he beat the god..

  • HELP GUYS: What is the name of the first background music guys? It's so amazing, I couldn't find it's instrumental and it's driving me crazy.

  • Messi is the goat but is the greatest man in football history 💚💛💜

  • Meesi is my favourite player he has always been my favourite and it will always stay like that i always try to play like him but I know I can’t but at least I try to be the best like messi says but I’ll try and try again always been my favourite 😄😄😄

  • There is a sensation in this world ---- THE LIO MESSI...🥰🥰

  • Messi is really really really good human being. It is rare to find a good person like him, let alone a top football player in history and a very good person like him. A really unique personality. I don't know if his football made him such a wonderful person. Pele is also a very good person, I don't know about Maradona, he is kind of an asshole.

  • true respect

  • Now he gave it to dybala, after that he scored his first goal for Argentina

  • Now His Best Friend is Luies Suarez.

  • Messi better, Cristiano better, we can all agree they’re rivalry has made football so much better.

  • Messi is better than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is just an arrogant wanker and thinks hes the best because he can head the ball -_-

  • Even after all this, coutinho left.

  • and this is why hes the greatest of all time

  • Messi ,xavi,iniesta❤❤❤

  • Real GOAT...Great human, Greatest Player

  • i think to be like a messi it's impossible this video really made me cry...

  • Messi falling while ronaldo still rising becoming to injury prone

  • Who else misses NEYMAR JR??

  • Greatest of all time 👏💪

  • The red ribbon is from mysticism Jewish, it’s very powerful and many stars wear it.. Madonna, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, ...

  • 📂Documents ∟📁Soccer ∟📁Players better than Messi ∟⚠️This folder is empty

  • No matter what, critics are critics and they will find a way to spin this around. They might say that Messi keeps up a fake persona. But riddle me this, a mans best values are determined when hes a kid. And if you ask me kid Messi really hit it on the mark.

  • the real disgrace ikr, scored with his front leg and pretended nothing weird

  • Messi the Best...

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  • Messi is greater than every footballer in world in every angale

  • Messi has such an ugly voice lol no offence

  • Man I cried..hats off man..what a video dude..

  • The First Song ????

  • 5:03 he touched her ass, then realising it and moved his hand lol

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  • the righetous man, the good man conquer the world, above and beyond everyone. remember my words, they are constantly being proven.


  • Duygulandım amk

  • I still fine that Red Ribbon captivating. Would you call that luck? coincidence? Confidence? Nonetheless, amazing.

  • And this is why Messi is the best soccer player in history

  • Respect you goat Leo messi

  • Messi Is Jesus

  • This is what makes him the greatest player EVER. While Ronaldo talks about what HE has won and how many cars he has. Messi shows his class every single time. Great human being. The comllete package

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  • he is only good at barca. can't understand why Argentina cannot use him

  • Today i realised idk his language 😄.....apart of being his fan....truly fanness comes from heart

  • I agree that he is a great player, but maybe you should've shown the clip where messi rolled around on the floor until a free kick was given and then jumped up and smiled at the liverpool players.

  • eres una mierda :_V

  • Wowza on his missus Nicely played Senor Messi

  • I will never forgive Lionel for not paying tax...

  • If i get married with Antonella i'd never have another girlfriend too. I mean, thats simple logic, not a superhuman xD

  • Personally, I think that Messi is the greatest player of all time, but even if you think that someone like Ronaldo is better, which is fine, you can't deny that Messi's the better person.

  • *Small man with a big heart.*