Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands...

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We threw a dart at a map... Then flew there to complete 2 challenges... Here's what happened.
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Shout out to Kaden from the Yes Fam for suggesting the idea, to Julien Solomita and Colin Duddy from Waffsicle for having done this before us...check their videos out here: and of course, to the countless spontaneous souls before us who have thrown darts at maps and have gone to where they landed :)
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  • Who’s here for that one person to say they live in st Joseph

  • I started dying laughing when you said she invited you for some “Bible talk.” 😂 I’m from Missouri and this is so accurate

  • I am wondering what are the other challenges in the other papers ^_^

  • seems like they waited too long to find the other people and somehow i think they probably ditched the other people they met earlier in the day.

  • Are you guys rich as hell?

  • When I hear Missouri I think of SPN xD

  • Asking a friend and Google is too comfortable? But you dont want to leave you country?😂

  • The beginning sounded like an ad and I was like: where's the skip ad button!! nooo it's thirteen minutes long lmao

  • Southern hospitality

  • We like it, check us out at play the states and for a safe, fun, educational way to play darts.

  • are they Filipino's? they look like they're Filipino's! any Filipino's out here in this comment box?

  • do y'all know how to support yestheory better and keep them going? "DONT SKIP ADS!"

  • Kansas👍👌

  • In case any of you know what cs:go is at around 0:13 there is a map from csgo

  • 1st they went to Bible study, then they go to a Christian local radio LOL that's super cool!

  • Discovered this channel 2 days ago, been watching nonstop since. I absolutely love the positivity

  • You don't look 17. Savage telling that to a women 😂💀

  • cool people but FUCK GOD

  • As a Missouri native I could’ve told you st. Joe doesn’t have shit

  • Imagine if they threw the dart at North korea

  • as someone who has always lived in the midwest it was awesome to see people experience what it has to offer! Check out WI, IL and Iowa

  • Yay Missouri I almost never see people travel to Missouri!!😊

  • "Travel anywhere in the world" Ends up throwing the dart on a map of the US. Thats the most american thing you could do.

  • This video... very wholesome. Subcribed.

  • You guys are legends

  • lol i live in Missouri

  • it's kinda weird how you guys are all about disconfort yet most of your videos are in europe and u.s.a and big cities in east asia throwing parties and doing the usual 24 hours thing which always works out . but how about raising the bar a little bit how about visiting africa . the middle east . the south of south america . isolated islands

  • I don't know how many times he darted before posting this video to get the convenient place...Only yes theory knows😂😎

  • It's amazing how saying yes turns your life into a Hallmark movie.

  • ep.2

  • I might have to move to Missouri!

  • 4:00 That Booty Tho

  • julien did it first bitches

  • AmEN tO tHe LoRD😂👌

  • *How to waist your money 101*

  • You should go to Plainfield, Wisocnsin

  • People are really nice over here in Missouri but there is a lot of crime in St.louis area

  • Oh my goodness I can't believe they went to St. Joseph!! That city has the closest shopping mall to my small town lol!

  • Bible talk looks extremely beautiful, that was amazing

  • istg those are the Christians that I do like, I'm an atheists myself, but I wouldn't mind going to a bible talk and heat more about their religion.

  • Do it with a world map, not with the us map

  • Every time he said “St.Joseph” I cringed because locals there call it “St.Joe.” But I’m so happy you had fun! Bonfires are Missouri wrapped up!

  • they should really do this again but it should be outside of the united states

  • Well... at least I didn’t get Klickbaited

  • This is the best travel video ever, so wholesome , ..

  • I would go anywhere in the world just to hug,see,shake hands or touchy with Bangtan or BTS

  • awesome !! great vid!

  • I was born in the UK. But came to Canada when I was 2. I'm 53 now and am going to return to the UK. I leave in 2 months and still haven't decided exactly where to go yet. Perhaps a dart ?

    • +Peggyinthestreets Mariainthesheets I come from Belfast originally. But I don't really want to go back there.

    • I come from Scotland so I can say it’s a lovely place as long as you know the good and bad places

    • +Peggyinthestreets Mariainthesheets the more I research , the more Scotland keeps coming up. Thanks for the response !

    • rawdog42 Edinburgh and Glasgow are nice places to live as long as you know where to go and where not to go at night

  • Ok so I live here and um there is over 76,000 people so I cant imagine why u wouldn't be able to find anybody

  • why does this look so fun tho

  • Yo next time you in st joe HMU and I’ll smoke you up and actually show you st joe lmao

  • We are a very small town.


  • Eminem’s family is from there

  • The guy has the same last name as me, Molina

  • 10:38 lol

  • Nobody: White person: apple sauce is spicy

  • E A S T H I L L S

  • I can’t believe you guys came to st. Joe! It’s truly exciting because no one ever comes here lol

  • u fucked up by not showcasing the amazing architecture there...........................

  • 3:58 when you’ll do anything for the shot

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  • Meeting horny fan girls at the end --> 1 sec later : seek discomfort :D

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  • Out of the hundreds of flying to wherever the dart lands videos that I've watched. This one is probably the only legitimate video out of all the vids that ive watched. U my man deserva like

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  • who else immediatly thought of eminem


    • He seems chill, does he knew them or just gives highfives to anybody?


  • It's impressive how every single Yes Theory video makes me cry of excitement and makes me feel motivated and ready after I watch it. Thank you guys! ❤

  • you guys are so lovely. at one point i teared up. damn life is awesome if you grab it by the balls!

  • I am able to understand Spanish because I am Spanish and I speak English and a little bit of French and Spanish, okay sorry that was random af.

  • Americans are so reluctant to travel outside the country. Everyone I know from America doesn't own a passport. Come on guys!

  • I'm Just Watching this video and I have been to all the places they just went. Lmao so cool

  • #loveJesus

  • Pretty wild, I’m front Saint Joseph and recently found their channel. Weston, KS 30 miles away is actually considered dead center of the untied states. Dart skills are on point!

  • Y'all managed to make, what seems like a ghost Town, come to life again .

  • *_lands in middle of ocean_*

  • LOL I'm from there.... They should have thrown the dart elsewhere ;)

  • Welcome to Missouri your in the small town part it can be nice to get away but there aint much to do but drive around, call your friends then drive around some more, finally go shootin and fishin.

  • im from kansas and st josph is close

  • Do this but a world map

  • My mom grew up there

  • That’s awesome

  • home of trailer1

  • Should have played downtowns dead by Sam hunt when they were looking for people lol

  • Almost 6000 anti-stereotypers have disliked this video so far after it almost exploded their heads. Middle America isn't media America.

  • That s as bible y’all thing happens to me all the absolute time


  • "We're gonna flip a coin-" "Heads is me." "We're gonna flip a coin to see who gets to throw the dar-" "Heads." ... "rElAX"

  • yall should of gone to kansas city💀 so much more fun there

    • +Alexander Diaz i wasn't actually sure it would of been cool if they landed a few more inches up where kansas city is, but they didn't..thats all too it🤷🏼‍♀️

    • kate hammontree you kinda missed the whole point of the video

  • american people must hve lots of growth hormones to lool like that when 17

  • Missouri... Did you find Star Lord there?

  • Y’all should make this a series

  • Praise the Lord for showing 6.8+ million people a little about God

  • Didnt use a world map because he didnt want to end up in Haiti

  • I'm so happy you included the pray, some might call it small and insignificant but most people wouldn't include it at all, i'm a christian and i'm glad to see you guys are different from others and provide quality videos. Keep up the great work!

  • We are going to start straight at 9 am... 10:17 am... okay let’s get started! 😆