Throwing a Dart at a Map and Flying Wherever it Lands...

Publicat pe 3 iun. 2018
We threw a dart at a map... Then flew there to complete 2 challenges... Here's what happened.
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Shout out to Kaden from the Yes Fam for suggesting the idea, to Julien Solomita and Colin Duddy from Waffsicle for having done this before us...check their videos out here: and of course, to the countless spontaneous souls before us who have thrown darts at maps and have gone to where they landed :)
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  • Bible talk in Missouri? Man... have you played Far Cry 5? Some shit goin' there!!! 😂



  • It's impressive how every single Yes Theory video makes me cry of excitement and makes me feel motivated and ready after I watch it. Thank you guys! ❤

  • you guys are so lovely. at one point i teared up. damn life is awesome if you grab it by the balls!

  • I am able to understand Spanish because I am Spanish and I speak English and a little bit of French and Spanish, okay sorry that was random af.

  • Americans are so reluctant to travel outside the country. Everyone I know from America doesn't own a passport. Come on guys!

  • I'm Just Watching this video and I have been to all the places they just went. Lmao so cool

  • #loveJesus

  • Pretty wild, I’m front Saint Joseph and recently found their channel. Weston, KS 30 miles away is actually considered dead center of the untied states. Dart skills are on point!

  • Y'all managed to make, what seems like a ghost Town, come to life again .

  • *_lands in middle of ocean_*

  • LOL I'm from there.... They should have thrown the dart elsewhere ;)

  • Welcome to Missouri your in the small town part it can be nice to get away but there aint much to do but drive around, call your friends then drive around some more, finally go shootin and fishin.

  • im from kansas and st josph is close

  • Do this but a world map

  • My mom grew up there

  • That’s awesome

  • home of trailer1

  • Should have played downtowns dead by Sam hunt when they were looking for people lol

  • Almost 6000 anti-stereotypers have disliked this video so far after it almost exploded their heads. Middle America isn't media America.

  • That s as bible y’all thing happens to me all the absolute time


  • "We're gonna flip a coin-" "Heads is me." "We're gonna flip a coin to see who gets to throw the dar-" "Heads." ... "rElAX"

  • yall should of gone to kansas city💀 so much more fun there

    • +Alexander Diaz i wasn't actually sure it would of been cool if they landed a few more inches up where kansas city is, but they didn't..thats all too it🤷🏼‍♀️

    • kate hammontree you kinda missed the whole point of the video

  • american people must hve lots of growth hormones to lool like that when 17

  • Missouri... Did you find Star Lord there?

  • Y’all should make this a series

  • Praise the Lord for showing 6.8+ million people a little about God

  • Didnt use a world map because he didnt want to end up in Haiti

  • I'm so happy you included the pray, some might call it small and insignificant but most people wouldn't include it at all, i'm a christian and i'm glad to see you guys are different from others and provide quality videos. Keep up the great work!

  • We are going to start straight at 9 am... 10:17 am... okay let’s get started! 😆

  • great one

  • Anyone get it

  • Y’all must be in Missouri

  • should have made the map wayyyy smaller so you didn't end up getting somewhere in the middle of the US, knew before you threw it it was gonna be 1 of like 8 states

  • Theres actually an japanese tv program doing this datsu no tabi

  • Seems like God had plans for you guys....

  • Throwing a Dart at a Map of America and Flying Wherever it Lands...*

  • *Throws dart at world map* Lands on Iraq Oof

  • who else thought the intro was an ad

  • simply neat!!!

  • I live in Missouri

  • Throws in exact spot of house...

  • Should have visited the Lou

  • Yes! St. Joseph Missouri Detroit! I knew it!

  • This is an introvert's worst nightmare

  • Do this again but throw a dart at the map of the world. It would be more interesting.

  • St Josephs looks like the boring part in GTA

  • One of my favorite vids of yours :) check out more states and do it again!

  • that dart landed ridiculously close to my city

    • Mine too.. i live less than an hour away

  • this video is fantastic - love how open you are to trying new things, seeing new places and meeting new people!! You inspire me so much every day and i try to seek discomfort as often as possible hahaha but thank you!

  • 1:13 Just *_DaRtNesS_*

  • *Hits the ocean* Oh well

  • What if you guys pick up a random comment here and travel to the commenter city? Pick me! Hahahaha Would love to see you guys here without a map and without a translator (Brazilians don't speak English).

  • lmao i live in Kansas city missouri and im sorry u had to come here. its so boring

  • God hates us.

  • In the U.S...

  • I could swear I've seen this one already

  • why can't I subscribe to the chanel?

  • Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling on tour???

  • Oh the punniness at 1:13

  • Expecting all white people? Ignorant much?

  • Am I seeing Ryan Gosling?

  • Waffsicle

  • I am so glad that you got invited to a bible study and had a great first time in Missouri and got to start it off and Kansas City where I live Kansas City is a lot bigger than what I think you got to see it has half a million people also home to Walt Disney, and home to the 2015 baseball world champions

  • Damn that was......epic!

  • This is such a little gem

  • I had no idea Matt was Latino!!

  • > raw uncomfortable traveling to break stereotypes and see how similar we all are. >Starts doing Italian accent and the hand gestures > Good start of the video.mp3

    • quality comment, totally gets the video

  • Part 2 pleaseeee

  • "I'm not from Earth, I'm from Missouri"

  • Does it not occur to anyone else that this would be SUPER dangerous for a woman or a person of color?

  • please guys throw a dart on a world map and go for it!!!! this would be awesome

  • 4:59 thats just raciest but no hate!

  • Top 10 fiction books (the bible)

  • man these guys are so happy. i wish i had job that i would love doing. such as travel and have a good time with friends, and your STILL making money.

  • I live in Nebraska and I wish they would have come here haha all tho there isn’t much here and I can’t wait to get out of high school and travel honestly

  • You know what I noticed, you sound like a guy that is a narrator of a news😂

  • Map of USA and not map of world, pussies

  • Iran

  • I live in St Louis Mo and I have never heard of St Joseph

  • The non tourist place are always interesting to visit, altough it can be scary.

  • You guys should start a business where you choose what people do for they're holidays that put them out of their comfort zone like they pay you to control they're holiday I'd pay for that

  • It is currently 10:17 in the ,,,"morning",,???,,and time to ,,"start",,the task,,,nothing like being up early at the crack of noon,,,

  • Wow I’m from St. Joseph and watch you guys, didn’t know you guys went here!

  • I want to go to that bible talk! Seemed mega lit 🔥

  • Kaiba Corp shirt near the end

  • I live in Missouri

  • Honestly bible talk looks so fun

  • I wish I could have told you Missouri is boring. So is Kansas. Anyone else from Kansas #CountryGang 😂😂

  • Yeah I think it’s shaped like a triangle

  • That girls face at the end was like take me now lol

  • Please do this more often!!!! This is awesome!!!

  • I am so grateful that youtube recommended this video to me. Now i am a real fan of yes theory, first time i saw this video was about 6 months ago, and i will never regret watching this video. Your channel is the most amazing i have ever known.


  • this was amazing

  • I will say this. No matter where you from in the KcMo area we do know how to party. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • This is why I wanna move back to the south

  • I love how people outside of big cities are usually really nice and welcoming people. Can not get that here in LA