Publicat pe 21 apr. 2019
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Here is a list of the Top 10 UGLIEST Fortnite Skins EVERYBODY HATES!, for more new fortnite season 8 secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.


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    • wait is that you playing as a soccer skin if it is then you are a sweaty mic sweat

    • Top5Gaming do you have any tips for how to get more subscribers? I have 64 and really want to have a channel that has many people watching like yours. Also can you shout out my channel “Preston Muth”? I post every day

    • LÄMP

    • You know Just pumpkin having a boring life

    • Am happy Jack gorden is not a boring skin

  • Id say trog or bigfoot we're ugly

  • I think moths are cool as fuck

  • Dont care what anyone says but the venturion skin is the best skin ever

  • My list: 10:yes-ha 9:raven 8:zoey 7:soccer skin 6:female tomato head skin 5:battlehaok 4:lix 3:yond3r 2: female beef boss 1: beef boss

    • I know its your opinion but i dont think that onesie, beef boss, lynx and yond3r are bad skins

  • Tender defender is ok not worst

  • The fly glider is prety good

  • I think that the Uglyest skin is Rox

  • Im suprised twistie or bendie arent on this list

    • I'm not sure, but I think, they weren't out to that date... I think. I don't know. Could be wrong.

  • Why is your name top 5 gaming if your doing a top 10 video

  • Flytrap is the worst skin

  • Well... Crackabella is my main skin. Kinda hurts my heart, that it's listed in here... But yeah idk. Your opinion.

  • I actually don’t mind any of these skins except for crackabella it is horrible and ever since I saw it I have not been able to look at crack shot the same way

  • I don’t agree with this list at all number 2 is aaaaaaaasdwesssereeeee

  • O

  • I agree with the thumbnail

  • Number 7 is that no 😭

  • Ummm this is my opinion the tender defender is funny but EPIC

  • Im not mad you don't like crackabella. But the eyes are you best reason 4 it?

  • I lie the last one and the chicken is fake news

  • I respekt yuor opinion but i realy like number 9

  • 2:33 - 3:26 lämp

  • Tender defender is the best like what do u mean hahahahaah

  • Where’s flytrap

  • Fuc u yee hah is best skin

  • I want to be the turd with legs

  • why are you putting "EVERYONE HATES" in the title we have our own opinions who’s "WE" We have our own skins we like PERIOD

  • Lynx=🤤 Crackbella=🤮

  • If you give the moth skin red eyes it looks like the mothman From West Virginia

  • I love more than Amy thing the ckacker skin

  • And moth

  • I love the dyanyo skin!

  • Shit I have the gurl crackshot

  • Mothmando is the moth l a m p

  • Season 10 anyone?

  • If anyone says the defaults are creepy ... Get Out rn

  • I Didn't Know Yee Haw Even Existed

  • Dude tryna have a relation with his tv or monitor

  • i actually like dynamo so

  • Brainiac is a cool skin it is a good skin to stay hidden and it only cost 800 vbucks

  • The ugly skin is me :(

  • Honestly I like the moisty merman skin but I don't own it

  • İ dike dynamo its not ugly :/

  • Way are you bulking a little kid

  • Epicgames:why do you hate this skins. Top5gameing:cause their ugly. Epicgames:then why do players buy them. Top5gaming:I made a big mistake making this video. Epicagames:yeah you did. 😁

  • I’m sure mothmando is supposed to be vulture from the Spider-Man movie

  • Leviathan better be on here

  • OMG moisty merman is amazing yes its ugly but that is what makes it good

  • You forgot forgot the paradox skin That shit ugly 🤮🤢

  • Has T5G ever done a top 5 video? Top10gaming right?

  • Dynamo is a try hard outfit so uhmm yea

  • Thank god nobody said anything about Sugar Plum, that’s my baby.

  • Wait till crăci short sees this

  • I love crackabellaaaaaa

  • Moisty be my favourite skin 😂

  • sun strider is the ugliest skin in my opinion


  • sub commander not ugly skin

  • Yeah those eyes is like a real life persons eyes 3:42

  • Half of these skins are cool as fuck

  • Don't bully moisty merman

  • dynamo is sweaty af

  • Where's Luxe? One of the worst skins in my opinion. First, it just doesn't look like a tier 100 skin. Second, why is she a gangster? It was a pirate themed battle pass, not the hood. Lastly, she's one of the the most toxic looking skins ever, even more so with her emote.

  • I’m i the only person in the entire world what likes moisty merman

  • Number 1 (aka dynamic dribbler or what else it spells) Should be the most sweatiest forrnite skin

  • Dynamo is one of my favorite skins in fortnite

  • I dont like the waky inflaterbull arm tootmen becuase THEY LOOK LIKE DEMONS

  • I can't find the discord link

  • I..I have mosty merman😂

  • I like 10,9,7,5, and 2

  • I like dinomo

  • 9+5 No u

  • But number 10 is sweaty so it’s good Montreal and Jarvis use this

  • i think drift is the most ugliest

  • Doggo top one. Change my mind.

  • I like a lot of these

  • f in the chat for tender defender


  • Who else bought brainiac

  • the number 10 skin is a ok skin 8 have it, it not great nor it bad.