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Here is a list of the Top 10 UGLIEST Fortnite Skins EVERYBODY HATES!, for more new fortnite season 8 secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.


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  • At 5:36 he says the unicorn is a llama🤔

  • only thing i have to disagree with it dynamo. i think she looks good. also i agree ablut the bright skins, i feel so exposed but the colors are so nice tho.. dang it

  • You look like Kanye West

  • The mothmando skin is my favourite skin I have

  • Baby: number two is this T5G: why you be telling me dis

    • Also the battle pass is not FREE T5G: why you be telling me this

  • Number two is this

  • Mothmando isn't that bad compared to these skins, imo

  • The chicken skin is the best

  • Grimbles and brainiac arnt that bad


  • So if you say that its just your opinion, why does the title say "EVERYONE HATES". You can't do that

  • tender defender shall be legendary

  • Dynamo is best skin

  • Shet

  • I hate you I own the moisty merman 😡

  • I like the wrestling skins

  • Your Wrong, you said EVERYONE HATES when I don't hate any of them 😑

  • I like Dynamo more then the male counterpart

  • Who say everybody hates that

  • I have the top 2 skins of the top 10 worst skins. So technically I’m winning.

  • Dynamo is so sweaty so it’s good

  • dynamo is sweaty not ugly

  • The best skin is Lil Whip!

  • Imagine liking the Sun Strider 🤣🤣🤣

  • I like grimbles. I have him amd hes a rare skin

  • I hate the huntress she’s ugly :P

    • ALEXToons oof :> I still don’t like her it’s meh least fav battle pass skin

    • Antique Angel >:0 I LOVED HUNTRESS.

  • I❤️the hazard skins

  • Im one of those who preferes Crackabella more. The male one looks like a psycho😣 yikes

  • i like puppys

  • Į hate you for hating dynamo

  • Bruh

  • what about the trog skin?

    • ALEXToons yeah but it is ugly 😂

    • Bilal A *hes moto moto. He’s amazing.*

  • The tender defender I clam the tender defender case I'm a CHICKIN!!!!!

  • Excuse me Dynamo is good like the Best

    • Honestly, Dynamo isn't one of my favorite skins, but honestly, I like it, I think it's probably because it's in the shop too often but idk, Dynamo herself is a good skin


  • You don't put fly trap on but you put sub commander and brainiac on the list when they are actually decent

  • The 8 year old who dragged tender defender is better than me at drawing :( Yes my drawing at age of 8 or 9 was seriously full of cringe. I don't wanna remember it. Edit: Where's DJ Yonder? It is really ugly for me in my opinion.

  • How dare you hate the chicken, moth, and nutcracker wife, toxic Boi, and the gnome

  • M8 dynamos thicc. I like it 😜

  • Wher is flytarp is THE ugliest of Them all

  • Banana man isnt ugly

    • 3 Musketiers DMS *its basically a comparison >~<*

  • What country is the the soccer skin?

  • Anyone else excepted fishstick to be on this list?

  • What about fish stick. Also yeh, Peely looks weird

    • Sonic Speedsters >:0 FISHSTICK IS GOD.

  • Yes giddy up and yehaw suck

  • 1:35 thank you! That’s what I’m saying.

  • Where’s the mission specialist at

  • Dynamos good

  • Tender defender is the beeeesssssssttttt

  • Nobody: Retards:WhaT SEaSon DiD yOu sTarT

  • Number 2 issssssss

  • I know why the Tender defender is the worst skin because it's the shadical chicken skin


  • With the zombie one I got it for the Halloween event

  • Number 10 I have that skin

  • Number 10 I have the

  • t e n d e r d e f e n d e r i s b e a u t i f u l

  • Let’s be honest mothmando have a great glider tho

  • I think the high rise assault trooper, cos it’s just kinda basic..

  • Mothmando is the best skin even tho you sed don’t wyn

  • The fuk u talking bout almost everybody loves the chicken skin

  • Wait, you forgot one... Soccer skins

  • I love dynamo

  • Number 2 is thissssssssssss

  • R

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Dynamo is for noobs

  • Title: top 10 skins EVERYONE hates First line ke says : this is just our opinion . hmmmmmmm

  • Good thing jack Gordon wasn't on the list

  • I like crackabella

  • Fly trap skin is ugly to

  • Tender Defender made me nut twice

  • Not everyone hates it

  • Hazard agent and moisty merman are some of my favourite skins

  • Brainiac looks like a roblox zombie

  • Flytrap

  • Why is Sugarplump not in this list?!

  • Can y'all stop with these " peOplE whO rEmEmBeR mOiSty MiRe cAn LiKe tHis, wHat sEaSon dId yOu sTarT pLayIng fOrtNitE LIke 1-4 RePlY 5-8" just stop its annoying...

  • What u mean bro tender defender sexy af

  • A big amount of people love dynamo but it is your opinion

  • I bought Dynamo and left her in my locker after using it twice.

  • Dynamo is not a bad skin

  • you are triping

  • i love mothmando

  • bgc

  • Where is fishsticks

  • Mothmando is not the best and the worst I mean its okay u know what I mean

  • When you said braniac: Nani???!!!!

  • Where is zoey?

  • I disagree with 9

  • today were going to be going over the tope 5 unknown numbers 1)yikes 2:20

  • Huntress 1

  • Where is that girl exercise skin or the lethiathen

  • Naw what the fuck you falling about the yeehaw skin is my favorite skin

  • I broke up with my girlfriend just for fortnite I miss her I should of spender time with her I deleted fortnite after that

  • But you are right about crackabella.

  • I said chicken but I meant skin

  • I know you said I don’t want to hear number two who is thiiiiiiiissss 😢 😡 but the tender defender is amazing and it’s my favorite chicken I bought it when it first came out.

  • I think dynamo is better than masked fury. I actually see a lot of them

  • Tender defender is fit