Trump campaign in 'better position' than 2016 | FOX News Rundown podcast

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
Fox News Rundown podcast | Jan 24, 2020
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Seven House Democrats are making the case to remove President Trump from office. Trump's legal team will begin its defense this weekend. Brad Parscale, President Trump 2020 campaign manager, joins the Fox News Rundown podcast to explain why he thinks the impeachment trial is actually benefiting the Trump reelection effort.
The coronavirus outbreak, which started in Wuhan, China last month and has spread to several countries, has U.S. health officials on high alert. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discusses the growing concern over the deadly pneumonia-like illness and what safety measures people should take.
Plus, commentary by Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.
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  • Bloomberg is so far disconnected that he thinks elite gatherings where egomaniacs scoff at EVERYBODY THEY CONSIDER OUTSIDERS will resonate with the American people. I personally love having an outsider as President. Trump 2020!!!

  • A duly elected president and a handful of people trying to shank him. “The People” put him in the oval office and “The People” will re elect him.

  • The national debt increase though, it's on par with Marxist-Obama's...

  • Remove the crook

  • Nothing Napolitano said there at the end was grounded in reality.

  • Hey Judge, did you listen to POTUS's lawyers as respects subpoenas? They were NOT lawful as noted in their opening remarks, backed the facts of Supreme Court decisions regarding same and the Constitution on how the impeachment process was LEGALLY proscribed. Pelosi et. al. are NOT dictators, omnipotent, nor able to rule by simply issuing statements. Also, Pelosi's direction to draw articles of Impeachment PRIOR to the conclusion of the Legislative Committee and prior to the date Mr. Nadler provided in his letter to the POTUS to attend demonstrates how far afield from the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due Process and 250+ years of legal precedent this effort has been. I expected more from you as I've been a Lew Rockwell follower and member and contributor to the Mises Institute for many years. Your statements were false, misleading and frankly demonstrated, much to my chagrin, that you are NOT the "legal expert" I thought I heard, read and followed. You should no longer be allowed to lecture Mises University students on the Constitution nor Law. I am also ceasing all affiliation with Mises etc., until you are censured and removed from that great institution. Your opinion is your opinion, but NOT one based in law. You're entitled to it, but to imply, based on your prior legal role, that Constitutional Law and precedent was ignored by the POTUS is false. As an American of Italian descent (First generation!) you've embarrassed all who share that heritage. You should be ashamed as many of us used to listen to learn from you. No more!

  • Finally our govt is PROTECTING US from these diseases. Remember when Obama wouldnt?? I do.

  • Turncoat Napolitano... I was gonna give this podcast a try until i heard him on it. Now its just another fake news outlet persecuting President Trump. When will Fox get rid of this guy?

  • Has anyone else noticed that Shyster Sekulow looks like a pint sized Clarke K*nt?

  • Wait a minute Trump asked Ukraine to look into corruption, Napolitano like the Dems are simply ascribing to Trump motive. Trump could have easily have been simply referring to the corruption surrounding the 2016 election, and may be worried about 2020 also being tainted by this corruption. To say that Trump was simply seeking to undermine a political opponent is pure misrepresentation.

  • Two seconds into naps speech I was like F you Nap! You Globalist sellout!

  • I haven't been concerned about Global Warming ever since I got central A/C

  • I used to like Napolitano👎👎👎

  • Disgusting! Get off my phone!!!!

  • Judge Napolitano has been COMPROMISED, and his opinions have changed over the past 3 years. I would have been happy for him to be SCOTUS nominee, but lately he's been in the House of Representatives political pocket

  • Judge Napolitano is full of San Francisco sidewalk decoration. The house never gave the intelligence committee subpoena power, therefore the subpoenas were not lawful. Nap is a lapdog for the leftist deepstate agenda.

  • Napolitano, a Never-Trumper, has had an obvious bias against Trump since long before the 2016 election. It is sad, but like so many others he has let this bias interfere with his judgement and his ethics. Because it is Trump, Napolitano has and will jump to the most negative conclusion then work backwards to prove this rather than doing the responsible thing and allowing the facts to lead him to the conclusion. Napolitano has the gall to imply that any Senator who has already made up his mind to acquit is unfit yet he says nothing of those who have been openly boasting they are going to convict regardless of the charges since Trump took office. Napolitano should be ashamed of himself, If he can't or wont get a grasp on his bias then he should stop appearing on Fox and instead stick to MSNBC and CNN where they put up with this sort of hackery.

  • Judge frankly after listening enough you know nothing of what's going on and should immediately shut up until you do actual research. The evidence is contradicted and trump went through the courts to resist the subpoenas so shove those parting comments straight up your rear and leave Fox.

  • Ive heard naffy saying the same thing during mueller s investigation..well i hope this time hes wrong

  • What happened to you Judge

  • Hello Ms Goodwin, who the heck are you? Why is your segment the only video? Why are your guests not allowed on camera? Why does this look like CNN fake news? Why aren't any of OUR people being used to present this information to us? The answer of course is our people wouldn't touch it, so they had to use someone like you. Who are you, again?

  • Judge Napalitano is a left wing hack. The fact that you use him shows that your news is the same.

  • Andy N is really out there. Thanks for your service on the past. Now, go away.

  • Nadler is a Rick Moranis look alike right?

  • The only defense the Republicans have is Distraction, Redirection and hate for Democracy. A trial is not a trial without Witnesses, Testimony and Documents. The republicans don't want the public to know the truth so they accuse the Democrats of running a unfair inquiry yet they don't want a fair trial knowing intelligent people will see the truth. When Trump takes away your health insurance and pensions which Trump and Mnuchin are working on now maybe you will open your eyes to this Dictator.

  • I cannot stand Napolitano. The man is a vomit-inducing hack.

  • Don't eat bats!

  • I totally Disagree with Napolino...he needs to listen to President Trump’s council!!! So disappointed in Napolino!!

  • Commist channel What has trump done for u lol

  • Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi are squirming in their seats as Trump and his legal team will expose their true colors to the American people in the days to come! It's gonna be EPIC!

  • Napolitano sucks... and I mean it. 🇺🇸😡🇺🇸

  • Nap is so wrong in his assessment that I have to say that if I see that he's a guess being interviewed or hear his voice anywhere, I'll immediately stop or switch to avoid him. He's just like Whoopi Goldberg and even Don LemonHead to me: someone with celebrity status, who I believe actually knows the real truthful facts, but who's acting like he's on a string that's being controlled by invisible lie. I'm writing JoNap off as a loss.

  • This commentary demonstrates why Judge Nap is simply not SCOTUS material. Judge Nap would have us living under communist style tyranny with truckloads of bull stretching the meaning of our rights into garbage doled out as scumbags in power deemed fit.

  • God bless President Trump. God's righteousness and justice to be done. Amen

  • Napolitano can hardly hide his hatred of Trump. He is blabbing rubbish. I thought i have seen where people talk sense i didn\t know that Napolitano is in charge.

  • Napalitono is a hack.

  • I used to think Judge Napolitano was so smart. The longer Trump is in office the more I see he's got some issues. I have listened to many constitutional experts and lawyers and he's way off. I would love for him to actually have to explan his reasoning to others instead of on a podcast. Undisputed evidence? Where? Bribe where? When did Trump ask for them to interfer in the election? What the hell is going on? More accusations based on assumptions

  • Napolitano is a joke!! A bad one.

  • Judge Napolitano is a hater. He's been this way since Trump didn't appoint him a judgeship. I don't believe anything that he says.

  • Capaginiternettrum

  • Napolitano another liberal hack pandering to the Dems. He has hated Trump since day 1. A shitty legal scholar that is proven wrong over and over.

  • Judge get real. What about house reps hiding and lying to remove an elected president? How about Obama and Hillary spying and fisa abuse. Let's get them in there and where they should b

  • This because the Democrats put that virus out

  • I can't remember the last time I gave a thumbs down to a video. I've always been a little suspicious of Judge Napolitano and that commentary sealed it for me. He isn't just wrong. He doesn't just have a different view. He is outright lying.

  • I'm embarrassed to Fox News for having Judge Napolitano on the air or on television. It works disgust me and make my skin crawl. He's such a slimy little troll. Fox News you can do better.

  • If you believe in your boy Schiff, go right ahead, but be prepared to lose the majority of your listeners. You'll also lose respect and credibility. Only a liar would stand in support of liar. It's amazing how the press has focused on dishonest, negative, and destructive stories from losers and ignore the real story of corruption in the swamp or even mention any of the Presidents accomplishments.

  • OMG! Back in the day, I used to respect the Judge for his candor and insight. But he has lost that respect as he now seems to be regurgitating the socialist Democrat talking points. I suppose FOX now keeps you on the payroll to spew the leftist point of view to keep it all 'Fair and Balanced'. "Moral Equivalent of a Crime"? Really? Gimme a break...

  • Corey F How is Napolitano a judge? Nowhere in the Federalist papers or the Constitution does it discuss presidential behavior as an equivalent to high crimes and misdemeanors. And even if he found some quote taken out of context by our Founding Fathers to back up his ridiculous claim the statement that there is ‘ample evidence’ to support such behavior clearly shows his bias towards the opinion that Trump did anything wrong, because that’s all any of this is impeachment by opinion. What a moron...Fox, if you’re listening. Please for the love of God replace him. Nobody with any commonsense takes him seriously.

  • Make America Great Again, Keep America Great, America First. Trump 2020. Lord God Always WINS. This is President Trumps destiny. To safeguard the USA and to protect Israel Gods Country.

  • Universal vaccine?! Wow! That doesn't sound like a globalist idea.

  • Bull!

  • The democrats are your best friend . If Bernie wins the democratic nomination bye bye Trump. You can continue this fight between corporate democrats and the fascist American Party / con man ( Trump) on Jeffrey Epstein island or somewhere in China or Russia ( I suggest you Trumpsters move to as they were more suitable for your way of thinking )

  • Call the whistle blower! Follow the evidence! Let the wind blow!!!!!!!

  • tuned in with interest tuned out in disgust over Napolitano . Fire him and I will be back

  • Ukraine is not a nation. Not a country. What we are fighting for? For mixture of 5 Slavic nations to artificially create Ukraine since 1984? Language they speak is a slung, mixture of 4 languages.

  • Biden to jail, Trumps time is up Bernie in :)

  • polls also said HRC was winning 75% lol

  • Ain’t it funny how Bill Gates two years ago spoke of a super virus that would wipe out tens of million#, he also has a video out where he clearly states what needs to be done to reduce the population, it’s there do some real investigative research and u will find this. Now the virus originated IN THE SAME TOWN WHERE there is a lab that is housing this virus and the whol,e town is on shut-down and now Gates is speaking of a universal vaccine that is already in the making? These psychopaths are killing us and the media needs to connect these dots and do serious investigative reporting because your families and children will not be spared. There is no money to making on keeping us healthy but there are billions of dollars filling these demons pockets in killing us and keeping us sick. I WANT BILL GATES AND HIS RICH BUDDIES AND CHILDREN TO GO ON PUBLIC TELEVISION AND GET VACCINATED WITH THE POISON HE IS VACCINATING AND KILLING AND HURTING OUR CHILDREN. ONCE I SEE HIM INJECT THIS POISON 8N HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND CHILDREN THEN ILL GET THE VACCINE. EVIL HUMANS WHO SACRIFICE US TO ENRICH THEIR ASSES AND CONTROL THE WORLD

  • If all you watch is Fox News, you know very little. I watch it all and there is no question that Trump is in Russia’s pocket. If you look back as far as 2014 he’s been dealing with them and now owes them. 3 days in office he wants to get rid of all sanctions on Russia. Every move he’s made has benefited Russia. Why can’t first hand witnesses testify? Why can’t we see the documents? Why no tax returns? Because he has a whole lot to hide. How many lies must be told by him and his crew for them to be called liars? One lie should be enough, but thousands should defiantly be enough. He didn’t care about us people, it’s all about Trump and his Russian buddies. He’s in so deep there is no turning back for him, which is why we need to get him out of power before we’re all on a silver platter to Russia. If want facts watch all of it. Fox isn’t giving all facts not even close. Broaden your knowledge!!!