Tucker: Joe Biden is running a zombie campaign

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
When people actually see Biden, they realize the former vice president isn't a distinguished elder statesman, he's a fading one. #Tucker #FoxNews
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  • This guy is a used car salesman

  • 0:40 - Haven't other swine winning this "medal" included kissinger and limbaugh? Vomit.

  • Obama is a lying piece of *^&%*^. Obama should be in Prison

  • My people were enslaved in Egypt 2000 years ago. My people were slaughtered in Germany 80 years ago. Where are my reparations? Can I get money for nothing?

  • I have no respect for Joe Biden. He is nothing but an old scum of a human being. 77 years old and have done nothing but living on tax payers money. He is corrupt to the bone, he is a deciever & manupilator unlike any politician in Washington beside the Clintons & Obama. He is another trash lobbyist that people are tired off. And that he is major suspect for being a disgusting pedophile makes me wonder why he is not in an criminal investigation (of many other suspect crimes). Also just as Clintons & Obama he is major unpatriotic to his own country and have lived off tax payers money for his entire career since 1970 = 50 YEARS!!!

  • That cheapens the Congressional Medal of Honor. For Biden? Sickening.

  • Obama's legacy is diminishing with time, because the truth will continue to contradict his propaganda created image.

  • This episode has aged very well. Unlike Joe, unfortunately.

  • Creepy Joe surprised he is not in jail

  • Just admit it Biden is a moderate Republican

  • My dad had this same disease he couldn't tell the truth if it hit him in the head

  • LMAO he thinks he's a Gold Miner 😆🇺🇸🍺👍💯

  • Biden clearly is losing mental capacity. Its not his fault. But is that who we want to have access to the Big Button?

  • is joe smoking hunters crack

  • doubt his own obama decisions

  • Now there’s a mantra for Joe Biden, to male to pale to stale Good one Tucker!!!!!!

  • He chose Biden because he is easy to fool. Obama is not the nice man for America. I believe Trump could beat him if he was able to run again. I know he will beat Hillary again because I think Steve Bannon is right. Bloomberg is going to spend a lot of money. He would pay Hillary's way

  • Biden is the real bafoon


  • Here in Future, Biden made a strong 4th in Iowa! Hahahaha

  • Obumer is the Manchurian Candidate

  • Let's get Hunter and Frank back their access to the Presidency. Vote Biden 2020

  • BS

  • Biden crime family, needs to face grand jury....

  • I bet he uses to go around telling everyone how Obama was his best friend.."Whatever!! Obama is too my bestest friend!! When I was VP, we played laser tag, built forts and even have a best friends, movie night".. Sure, Joe...Sure..lol

  • Yes, a zombie would be running a "Zombie Campaign".. Look, we have zombies in Washington, D.C. right now! Look at Maxine Watters for f*ck sake..lol

  • Yeah don’t worry we can RIP OFF THE TAX PAYERS WITH THE UKRAINE,,, got your back Obama ,,, idiots the both of them

  • God Bless Tucker Carlson! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Hey Joe ...just came back from a dinosaur show !!!! Ur a joke !!!!

  • Joe Biden is a relic desperately clinging to power and relevancy. The sooner he fades into the Dust-heap of history, the better for everyone. The only master Joe Biden has ever served, is himself.

  • He got brain problems....... !!!

  • Biden took the nomination solely to protect himself from criminal prosecution .. he never believed himself that he had any chance to become President nor does he really even care to become President .. his belief is "If Trump comes after me for crimes and corruption then we go after him for "abuse of power" trying to fix the election for even suggesting his political opponent should be investigated.. and that's the truth "Ruth"

  • He is not running for president.. The money people are .. He is just a puppet so they dont care what he says..

  • the human extinction is not happening anytime soon!

  • Joe Biden absolutely must run as president, he's in too deep.

  • The Obamanation Administration!

  • We been hearing this spell 4 50 years it's tired old same never never did anything except steal 4 him and his kids term limits most important not the men running

  • Obama made the Black America congresspeople richer and they, in turn, made the Black America People poorer.

  • Get him a recliner and some Metamucil.

  • Suppose a democrat candidate is left to beat Trump, this President can ignore them all as not existing. He does not have to do ONE debate, not echange opinions with any democrats...This President don't have to do ANYTHING, don't have to "debate" ANY democrat, and still win big. Probably even win bigger ignoring the idiots and do what he does best: WORK for the peoples......and deliver. He don't need to defend himself anymore, his "visiting card" is loud and clear and approved by the peoples....period. Just saw his speech in Davos.......this speech only already will make him NEVER beatable.... Only God can beat this man and God absolutely does NOT want to.......and is God slowly turning His face to the demon crats.......while President Trump is spitting them all in they're faces...

  • Sorry Joe , it's a dog eat dog world , you should know that better than anyone else, sorry but you are too stupid to be the President of the United States of America, what a big time dumbass.. LoL, LMAO 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😎😋😊😉😆😗😙☺️🙂🤗🤔🤨😥😛😜😝

  • quid pro joe will lose

  • At that point Joe fell to the ground and started busting out push-ups

  • America is being run by Mitch McConnell......Republican Judge, Republican Jury, Republican Senate majority. The acquittal papers were signed a week ago. They all just have to go through the motions for two days to appear to be earning their salaries.And yell at each other a bit to prove how amazing they all are.

  • Pale male and stale 🤣🤣🤣

  • Obama. ....please don't do this Joe. Don't get woke!

  • Everyone Obama endorses loses. And polls are fake news.

  • “I asked Barack not to endorse me”. Really? How stupid do you think your citizens are, Mister Vice President? You foolish Liar!

  • BH Obama became State Senator by betraying his predecessor (a cisgender female African-American).

  • I remember when i was V.P. and the kids from parkland came up to me. Some of you covered it, CNN, MSNBC. Thank you for putting truth out there

  • "Madame president, we have predators on our streets"- puts his hand up and says "hello, i'm here!"

  • Reputations based on skin colour interesting How many English ,german,Dutch ,French ,Swedish ,Danish ,were on thoes slave ships Do me a favour ,your having a laugh

  • Obama’s legacy is one of failure

  • Name one piece of legislature or great thing BIDEN has done for this country?...……..just one

  • Half of Biden is better than Trump lmao.


  • The fact that VP Biden has a great chance indicates just how desperate are the Democrats!!!

  • If VP Biden wins the nomination, there maybe a split in the Democratic Party!!!

  • Joe D. Biden...yessir, the D. stands for Dementia

  • The party chose your running mate.