Tucker: Joe Biden is running a zombie campaign

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
When people actually see Biden, they realize the former vice president isn't a distinguished elder statesman, he's a fading one. #Tucker #FoxNews
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  • I feel like I need to vomit 2 no good people they both are so phoney.

  • Obama legacy's has already been destroyed. By Obama himself.

  • I'm subbed to fix, and I can't see full episodes of the five, Tucker and others. Why not?

  • But, Tucker, Obama doesn't lie. Just look at all the truths he told about Obamacare!

  • Well, Obama IS being a friend by telling him NOT to run. Anyone/thing with the Obama endorsement.....remember Brexit?

  • TUCKER! Is What Corporate, Media LIES !

  • Fake just like the Democratic party all the crap that they pull up yours you piece of s*** you're not going anywhere. Down with the Democrats Trump 20/20 forever president.

  • Tucker I just want you to know how proud I am of all you at Fox thank you all

  • Obama's Legacy is... Total Failure! Joe Biden's part of that Legacy is... Complete Pedophile!

  • "male, too pale, and stale" 😂

  • Comments are turned off on the 5 so I would just like to say that Juan is an idiot. If you stand against the Jewish people you are trash. I will never vote for a Democrat again. F the left. Forever

  • "not a bad person?" What?!?! That prick is a liar and a thief, aka plagiarist..

  • Not supporting Joe, Obama ? Lol. Well Joe is no count we all know that I guess Obama made joe Vice President to try make himself Look better, it didn’t work lol Thanks Tucker

  • Actually it's kind of sad. He seems to be getting alzheimers and hasn't admitted it to himself.

  • Go to hell liar

  • Hi Fox, from the land down under. Read the comments on your clips, unless you want to go the way of CNN and MSNBC, get Donna Brazile off your network. Levin, Digenova, Victoria Toensing, VDHansen, Jordan Peterson, Jesse Lee Peterson, Anthony B Logan, and others including Mark Dice, Joe Rogan and others would see interest in your talk shows skyrocket. Whatever the pay increase needed, it will be worth it. Whatever choice, just get rid of the individual most famous for ILLEGAL election interference. Only then you might retain your current viewership.

  • Uncle Joe has been cloned!! Something terribly wrong is happening to him!!

  • Biden not the right pigment

  • I hope Tucker got a pay raise....He deserves one, for having his family threatened and harassed for him doing his job!

  • Poll dancing like a warrior underdog.Sleep like you been there before.Go Joe!

  • "Too male, too pale.. and STALE." A++++ delivery, Mr. Carlson!

  • Ok, but Trump thinks his father is from Germany and that the Air Force has invisible planes.

  • we went through 8 years of Dumb and Dumber..biggest mistake in American History...biggest joke on America..The biggest Rigged Election ever pulled on The American People were Obama /Biden

  • Joe Walsh for President!

  • Joe Walsh for President!

  • Tucker a white zombie, the Swanson family tree of entitled clown.

  • Five days late, but thank God you're back Tucker!

  • Worse choice Obama could make, other than Obama himself running and winning and then ruining this country! Dems. Suck! It's like he is having a continuous anyerism!

  • When he's in California I wonder if he will say *"What's not to like about Venezuela? "*

  • This is just bullying! No substance at all. America, is this the best you can do?!

  • You were MISSED Tucker! Never go away again. Fox,you get rid of Tucker We get rid off you.

  • How ironic that Obama used Shmoe as his boot black, only to discard him as too white.

  • Joe Biden’s next job is a greeter at Walmart.

  • a democratic fossil. laughing so hard rn

  • You only like T .C. because he's racist 🙃I want to feed him to Mexico 😛

  • What about his nasty skin rash that no one talks about,dude is rotting away before are very eyes.

  • Joe better be careful or he will be Suicided!

  • Can anybody please answer my question. DUMP want to buy Greenland with WHOSE MONEY? We are trillions of $$ negative, where DUMP is going to get the money assuming Denmark would sale. Why no news media ask the simple question of WHOSE MONEY?

  • Biden is not just a democratic fossil, he's also the token white guy. The Democrats will crucify Joe before 2020 and a "surprise" under dog will take his place. I'm keeping an open eye on Tulsi and Kamala. Libs are looking for a fight.

  • Carlson said it exactly as it is. Obama cares only about Obama and always has.

  • The dems make me so ashamed for going along with these freshmen in congress,,you are pushing us farther awsy,, cant condone the killing of babies, after birth,,the things these freshmen are pushing is not what we believe in, i havent seen one that i would vote for,, im not the only one,, nancy you have let them go to far,, if you had stopped them before, we wouldnt be in this mess,, the history books will judge you harshly,,for what you have allowed to happen, the hate from left wing is papable,,again you allowed this to happen,,,,for propping up the lies and racist things, they spout, im white and democrat,,it doesnt help when people call me a white supremists, all because im white, yet you allow them to keep doing this, so no, im out,,

  • Something very weird about Joe Biden

  • How can Biden really be ahead of trump? Joe Biden doesn't draw the number of people to his campaign rallies that Trump does?

  • I am really sick of fox disabling their comments or RO-tv's doing it I don't know how that works but I do know one thing when you're going to bring up ilhan Omar and tlaib Rasheeda and this it the photo the cartoon of Donald Trump and Netanyahu put their hands over their mouth these women had an agenda to go to Israel and sabotage an election in Israel that is going to be September 17th they wanted to cause chaos and create a problem and disruption in the election they work in America these women are evil and that agenda should be told right out loud and clear on every channel on the airwaves because this is bull and you and your comments I'm actually not even going to talk the fox anymore until it's fixed and I think many other people are fed up

  • Barack is a scum of the Earth, so is joe

  • Tulsi seems pretty sane to me.

  • Why they Hiden Biden?

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  • well, sleepy jo - no match for donald! best of luck to trump from germany!

  • Just another promise broken by Obama.Have fun Joe.

  • This isn't 100% accurate an assessment, but it's scarily accurate. The Democrat Party is jumping the shark

  • Biden is running for one reason and one reason only he is trying to keep his boy and himself from going down they are in fact beyond the pale

  • Too male, too pale and stale!

  • Tucker Carlson replacing Bill O'Reilly was the greatest thing to ever happen to FOX News.

  • He picked Biden because Biden said he was a clean black person and Obama appreciated that immensely because it was the nicest thing a white man ever said about him and it touched his heart.

  • Thank God they brought "Tucker Carlson" back if you get rid of him many will quit watching your Chanel !!!

  • Tucker, a worthless turd.

  • Tucker Carlson continues to impersonate a journalist. Where did he get his degree, from a box of crackerjacks? Carlson makes Sean Hannity look like genius.

  • Barack Obama is a strange color. hes not black, hes not white. He's like a army green. My theory, he actually is a white guy wearing some sort of blackface makeup.

  • Back stabbing abounds!