Tyler Chronicles Has His Picks For Our Next President | Wild 'N Out | MTV

Publicat pe 10 mai. 2019
Tyler Chronicles hit the stage during our Wild ‘N Out commercial break talking old guy antics, his pick for our next president, & MORE keeping the audience laughing with tears. 😂
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  • dry and they not even his jokes

  • first two jokes was a play on Marlon Wayans' "woke-ish" special😦

  • Aye I agree with that trump statement ain’t nobody but white people like that annoying orange

  • It looked like common in the thumbnail 😭

  • Lmfaooo this guy funny😂

  • Someone like dc would’ve have made people laugh twice as hard with half the effort

  • I want leek Jack in wild n out

  • How did he even make it to Wild n Out come on Nick u gotta do better on people you pick ol dude aint funny.

  • So not funny omg.


  • ok.. not a strong performance...

  • Booooo 👎🏼 not funny

  • Cortez was way funnier

  • He was ok

  • Oh brothaa this guy stiiinks

  • I want my minute and 40 seconds back tf is this

  • Yo my boi, grab that mic in your hand and wack it over your head.

  • This guy is ass

  • *Common telling jokes now?* 🤔

  • Didn’t Kevin heart do that black Woman vs. terrorist joke ...

  • they should bring tim and darren brand back because these new comedians suck nobody even laugh at their jokes, like fr

  • This was just disappointing like the guy was laughing at his own jokes. My manz hit the low low to damn hard!😝😂

  • Last scene was great.

  • he looks like he putted bleach in is washing machine and threw his pants inside

  • Dude isn't close to being funny! (WTF) this channel use to be good for major laughs too! Back to " 85 South it is!!!! "

  • If only all ads were like this

  • Dude was not even 1% funny. This was really bad.

  • Say they have invisible ropee😂😂😂😂

  • That box Chevy sound like Joe budden lol 😂😂😂

  • Dashie needs to be on Wild 'N Out 😂

  • I know right is the funniest thing

  • when is there going to be wildstyle or got damned again

  • Wasn’t funny my guy

  • He’s the reason the show going down hill

  • He wasn’t funny.

  • Mmwuah!!😂🤣

  • Haha

  • If you're an 85 souther... You're automatically a fan 😊🙌🏾... Shout out Tyler Chronicles!

  • The air grab and jump robe part was funny

  • 😂as a guy with a hole in his throat he was so off 😭😂it was funny tho I’ve never smoked but u know any hole in your throat will lead straight to your lungs bit wired ya but it felt so Odd he was basically saying she’s killing herself lol

  • Bruh rap battle

  • No way

  • When I seen the notification I thought it said Tyler the Great... can we get Tyler the Great on Wild’NOut pleaseee that dude funny

  • Can cj so cool can be on wildin out

  • Dang

  • How embarrassing not even funny and he got hardly any laughs this Biggs sucks

  • Feel funny ass Nigga he got a point that's why most people start vaping but still isn't better is nicotine in there in general and that's what make it addictive weather is hookers or cigarettes as long as the nicotine in there it's just bad for you in general that's all we need to make all that shit illegal and just make marijuana legal 💯

  • My favorite show😂😂😂

  • He’s not funny

  • I couldn't even force a fake laugh out... 7/10 for effort though....

  • I could get more jokes looking at a blank sheet of paper

  • I thought it was Common before I clicked on the video lol

  • I thought it was Common before I clicked in the video lol

  • I miss the rap battles! 😭

  • not funny at all...

  • Trump has created the best economy we've had in the last 50 years if you don't support him your simply a moron.

  • Hell naw😐

  • I got a pair of those leggings he got on lookn like jeans😂😂😂

  • This nigga lame af!!!! Idk what was that!!!!

  • *Please go get the 85 South Show. Thanks.*

  • *(In my Lexi Voice) Two Words... LAUGH TRACK. 😒*

  • Tyler Chronicles...i thought this said The F*CK BOY Chronicles 🤷🏾‍♂️ oh well check out Dre and all his hilarious misadventures on our page. Guaranteed to become your new favorite show!

  • He sounds like a durt bag

  • Like if dc is the funniest on wildn out

  • i love this channel so much

  • Woman are thicc as prison walls. Lawd have mercy.😂👌🏼

  • Dc young fly is boss😂

  • Boy funny asl😭😂😂

  • Not funny

  • The beginning was booboo, but in the end was decent

  • Identity politics will fail us and already has.

  • Dude wasn't even funny but he's trying I guess

  • My grandma is funnier than every single stand up on wild n out. Side note: my grandma is NOT funny

  • He not funny

  • He is not funny🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Do these niggas do wildstyle or not tf

  • 15th

  • Oh brother... this guy stinks

    • 😂😂😂😂 underrated comment

    • Lente Rebulero I honestly this didn’t make me laugh too just sort of smile and almost giggle. But that doesn’t count lol

    • @Toyota Brony I did not laugh at all and I love stand ups.

    • Oscar’s 5.0 lol he wasn’t that bad

    • Thank you

  • I love wild and out!! Tyler chronicles is funny hahaalol! I love my brother Nick Cannon. Love y’all!! #RetiredArmyVeteran #21YearsOfHonorableService #RapNameShowLove #DoTheShowLoveAaayLol #ComedyAndFamilyRap #ThankingGOD

  • This nigga 🌽 as hell

  • yow yow wild in out love it

  • More videos please!!!

  • Yoooo ❤️✌🏻

  • Amazing love it

  • Second like if wild n out is funny

  • Our next president will be Stan lee because he is an amazing person Oh wait.... ;-;

    • -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction ahaaaaaaaa I'm crying😂😂😂😂

  • Or 1st

  • 3rd

  • First

  • Fist

  • Ok 👍