Unlocking The TRUE Ending! | Kindergarten 2 (Final Ending)

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
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Last time I wanted to collect all the Monstermon cards, but Nooo! It turns out it's only one of the most difficult card games ever contrived! Well, the rage continues today as Steph and I dive back into acquiring a full deck - Kindergarten doesn't know what's coming!
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Special thanks to Con Man Games & SmashGames for providing us with the game!
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  • i got a good idea for kindergarten 3: they make the principal in the new school look so much throughout the game look like they're the evil one, but it actually be a newly added counselor/nurse that looks harmless & friendly looking like Bob! Anyone else think this is good?

  • What jacket are you wearing Matt? I want it

  • Were the infinity stones in those cards?!

  • What about the offering in the nugget cave?

  • They should have one for each day of a school week

  • I'm in 8th and we're just now doing it

  • Now i need someone to make version of infinity war and endgame with nugget in it

  • 16min they choose a one damage card instead of the eight damage... And then say we can finally win this

  • its not thanos nugget its nuggos

  • Not only did we not see Billy die, but we didn't see what happened to the three kids in the basement. After all they were still alive.

  • I love nugget

  • Surprises you haven't done a theory on how the main character is a time traveler whose able to take items from different dimensions to use in his own.

  • Me When I done gate 7 in the theoristgateway: im still looking for secrets in gt live

  • Nuggettttttt give me your Nuggets plez 😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nugget: and now nugget simply snaps his fingers Me:and half of humanity will cease to exist Cindy: i dont feel so good Me: no Cindy: *gets dusted* Me: I MEANT THAT AS A JOKE *others get dusted* Me: NUGGET IS THANOS This actually happened when I watched it for the first time

  • I think Lily was an accident, just taken with half, but Billy was intentionally spared.

  • Nugget:*kills everyone* Billy: where is everone

  • Nugget is bae

  • Nugget is bae

  • Nugget is bae

  • Nugget is bea

  • Nugget is bea

  • Wait...wait wait wait... WHAT WAS THE NUGGET CAVE'S OFFERING?

  • New Video Uploaded by The Game Theorists: *Nugget Can't Snap! (Kindergarten 2 War)*


  • Dr. Danner, I don't feel so good...

  • they play as Dumpster Child OMG that is so great

  • What about the offering in the nugget cave? Did that ever lead to anything?

  • What?! No! W-why, Nugget?! Why kill the pretty Lily?! And her brother Billy?!

  • Title: True Ending Me: Everyone is going to die?????

  • The Main protagonist has no emotions at all. PHYCHOPATH (Actually antisocial personality disorder)

  • Mat pat'I finally beat the entire game!' Nugget'you are wrong again...'

  • Billy did not die cuz he is underground

  • Long live the cats

  • Everyone's focused on Billy, I'm questioning the deaths of the three missing children in the basement.


  • Darker interpretation: Billy isn't shown to be killed because after Lily turns to dust the grief stricken Billy commits suicide off screen during the lightning attack segment Another point to note is the rezoned kids "survived" in this scenario if you can call it that since they don't have a principal anymore to turn them into monsters, as well as the one monster currently existing under the school still being around

  • Nugget is the descendant of Thanos he's clearly weaker since he needed 50 cards to erase and kill everyone instead of the 6 infinity stones and the gauntlet

  • EXCLUSIVE THEORY: There will be 5 kindergarten games because the first game was only Monday kindergarten 2 was Tuesday so kindergarten 3 (hopefully there’s one so I don’t look like an idiot) will be Wednesday kindergarten 4 will be Thursday and kindergarten 5 will be Friday Follow up: It could also be the weekend like Saturday and Sunday but they might as well put it in one game

  • when nugget said to subscribe in under 5 seconds my finger moved as quick as lighting.

  • Nugget you idiot you killed Lilly i thought you loved her! You fool!

  • OMFG! doctor strange put his soul inside the dumpster hag!


  • Kindergarten 1: Monday (The Phantom Nugget) Kindergarten 2: Tuesday (The Attack of The Nuggets) Kindergarten 3: Wednesday (The Revenge of the Nuggets) Kindergarten 4: Thursday (A New Nugget) Kindergarten 5: Friday (The Nugget Empire Strikes Back) Kindergarten 6: Monday (The Rise of the Nugget) I would pay good money to see those movies 😎

  • Theory idea: WHO. IS. NUGGET.

  • Is Billy not dead?

  • What if the monster killed billy

  • Billy survived

  • Billy, and the three kids in the secret lab didn’t die

  • Why wouldn’t nugget’s favourite colour of card be yellow? The yellow card colour is LITERALLY the same colour as the nuggets.

  • Mat: We can do a reflect! *Uses Castle Of Sand* *Their Reflect Gets Reflected* Mat: *F U U U U U U-*

  • I'm so late I missed it now wears my diet coke.

  • billy didn't dust n was in the basement.. no lightning.. also why dust lily

  • billy didn't dust n was in the basement.. no lightning.. also why dust lily

  • I’m cringing at 2:25

  • I love GT live

  • Mat's laugh: *exists* Depression: *is no more*

  • I just realized this but the five colors of the Monstermon cards (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) also correlate to the five Infinity Stones seen before Avengers: Infinity War (power, space, time, mind, and reality). Reality stone was red, mind stone was yellow, space stone was blue, time stone was green, and power stone was purple.

  • Shut up and play

  • Hopefully they make a monstermon for talking to dumpster hag in the dumpster had outfit and she freaks out haha