Unlocking The TRUE Ending! | Kindergarten 2 (Final Ending)

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
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Last time I wanted to collect all the Monstermon cards, but Nooo! It turns out it's only one of the most difficult card games ever contrived! Well, the rage continues today as Steph and I dive back into acquiring a full deck - Kindergarten doesn't know what's coming!
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Special thanks to Con Man Games & SmashGames for providing us with the game!
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  • Nugget: *Kills everyone* Me: WHO LET NUGGET IN THE MONSTERMON STORE!?! HE'S DONE IT AGAIN!!!! Nugget: Nugget Let Nugget In The Store Me: Yeah I got that. Nugget: You are frustrated with Nugget are you not? Me: WELL YEAH IM MAD! Nugget: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Me: NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO! Nugget: *Snaps* Me: *Gets turned to dust and then my dusty remains get struck by lightning* Nugget: Ok, time to find the pretty Lily! Wait... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • So you dont know how you are messing up all those things Steph? Well, I know why! Cuz Your In Kindergarten! (Get It?)

  • i like how steph is disgusted by that card game

  • alexander the person who wanted a clap and a half well (clap) (half a clap) there you go

  • mat you never finished the game... you never nuked the cats

  • It's just like Thanos again

  • MatPat:hoodlum *puts up hood Me:*puts up hood**screams*hoodlum

  • 4:59

  • But you didn't find out what was behind the shrine in the nugget cave! You found out what your button did, but not the shrine. It's not even on the fandom wiki. Does it do something or not? So unsatisfying.

  • Wait billy is still alive

  • Nugget snaps also nugget half me end game

  • Lily’s brother survived

  • And also there is their names in special thanks I think that meansthat other people and them have supported them to make kindergarten 2

  • There is references to the game theoristsin kindergarten to and at the very end of kindergarten to when you do the mission creatures features you tap on the nuggets in the Nugget caveand it says theorists believe that this pile should be bigger

  • 1:16:52

  • F

  • Why did it take me so long to realize the five colors of the monster on cards are the colors od the infinity stones

  • What happened to billy???!!!

  • Drama lama :3

  • Hi

  • Yea but Steph's jacket tho

  • Can we make a Oliver Theory and the first vid should be : HOW A ONE YEAR OLD KNOWS PURPLE AND GREEN AND HIS PARENTS DONT!

  • In pretty sure the canon ending in this game is the one where they help Lily and Billy

  • Can we, uhh... Can we talk about Dab Hero for a moment?

  • Sup?

  • 42:29 if you were looking, at 42:12 Agnes gained a mana and then when she placed the card down, it went away.

  • Mat Pat or should I say “ Matthew “

  • I could not put out Wenr because I broke my arm☹️

  • Give us your WINUS

  • Everyone talks about Steph's Nugget and Dumpster Hag voices, but I wanna acknowledge her Cindy voice. I mean she *nails* it every time, that 'HOW DARE YOU' is fantastic

  • I wish a Kindergarten 3

  • I wonder if Nugget killed Lily cause she never actually earned his friendship, she was just sorta got given it cause crush gotta crush

  • *It's either that or it's Nuggos* -Steph 2019

  • If Jerome had not died would have been sadder

  • Game Theory: Billy didn't die

  • Player: Did you do it? Nugget: Yes Player: what did it cost Nugget: the pretty Lily


  • I have A THEORY! Billy did not die because the lightning cannot reach underground!! Sorry I just realized that

  • #MatPatsBadAtGames

  • 1:17:35

  • Did they ever microwave a cat

  • Billy lived

  • Nugget once asked the lunch lady for 100 nuggets😂

  • F u all

  • They never showed Billeh getting blasted or dusted though...


  • Bruh why is nobody talking about how cool Matt's jacket is

  • Did anyone notice that Billy is still there

  • Game lode erre super smash bro’s ultimate in the bead room beside the closet.

  • I summon my killer purple guy

  • Kindergarten 1 : billy is a lost child/missing. Kindergarten 2 billy is the only one that didn't dust or lighted away pretty much only alive

  • ms Applegate:did anyone else see that or am I actually going crazy me:i think you crossed that border many years ago

  • There goes another school. Stop moving to places where they worship satan. Are they at a school for troubled youth or purgatory?

  • Puke edit: sorry I just puked a few times while watching this I'm sick


  • Ok, so this lighting problem is simple. Go inside

  • I just want to point out that Mat, you really messed up your words here at 31:25 "Steph is far better at me than so many games." So... Some games aren't as good at playing you as Steph is? XD

  • Where is BILLLLYYYY

  • Pot of grease was a reference to magic the gathering

  • Mat pat:i like the nome Me:do i nome you😂😂😂😪still no good puns