VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

Publicat pe 15 iun. 2019
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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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  • If you guys have not done the old school Jason and the Argonauts, you really should.

  • I know like a thousand other people have commented on this already, but the clone wars show explains how he’s still alive. I’m pretty sure he was in the rebels show for a little bit also

  • No Episode 3?!?!?!

  • That Dooku vs Yoda? Ridiculous. I hated that shit even as a kid.

  • Episode I is not a great SW film, but it definitely looks the best and star warsy out of the prequels.

  • Maul has been alive for years...COMICS...and also cartoons but mainly comics.

  • The aliens in the 2nd aliens film they look better than the more modern alien films

  • Any film from Neill Blomkamp is a visual masterpiece imo. - District 9 - Elysium - Chappie Regardless of how people feel about those movies, one thing is for sure. The VFX effects are spectacular (especially when you consider the budgets they had for those movies).

  • I never considered the prequels "bad". They had "bad elements" but they weren't bad movies, at least back then for a young Star Wars fan. And now looking at the CGI... incredibly impressive for 1999. Puts a lot of movies from today to shame.

  • Nothing about Ep 3 ? No thoughts on Grievous, the giant lizard, the Anakin / Obi-Wan duel, order 66 scenes. You also skipped so much from ep 1. Watto, gungan city, Sebulba... There's also some hard-to-spot stuff in Ep1. Cause Ep1 has mainlybeen shot on pellicle. Moreover, they used computer to fix some acting stuff. That would explain the translucid lightsabers ; they were maybe added to the shot. If you look at 9:33, lightsaber position is weird ; the real one is probably lower and they added a cgi one just to make the shot more badass. Also, please buy the blu-rays instead of leeching youtube videos. You react to VFX on streaming videos ? Seriously ? And pay the artists who worked on it.

  • why the middle guy sounds like andy in toy story 3?

  • Haha Lee didn't do any of the lightsaber fights, dude was in his 80s It's a double with his face CGd, just has coverage of the real Lee popped in for the close-ups. props to the effect that they didn't even notice

  • So pissed I couldn't see Episodes I and II in theaters, I saw Episode III in theaters but I was seven. It would be so epic on the big screen.

  • Maul is alive in Clone Wars as well

  • Can you react to the Godzilla Movies

  • Jar jar is my favorite character of all time

  • Transformers

  • *R E A L S T E E L*

  • Does anyone remember starwars advanced podracer

  • I'm getting some TheCreatures vibes about only two of them talking, the glasses guy was silent for a lot of the video

  • Surprised they didn’t react to Grievous. He looked so real in every shot!

  • you guys must react about the movies of Neill Blomkamp who makes sector 9, Elysium an chappie...

  • Talking about attack of the clones large scale, atmospheric, CGI battle scenes had never been done before. The Two Towers came out the same year, and it looks ten times better.

  • 3:49 He looks like Frozone.

  • Have y’all reviewed the CGI for The Hobbit? I would love to see the reaction for Smaug!

  • At least the Prequels weren't WOKE garbage.

  • Biggest weakness of the podrace which make it stale now...it's always paning from left to right...except 2 or 3 scenes...sorry to ruin it for ya...

  • Pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest. DO ITTTT!!!

  • Is there a kingsman church scene?

  • scooby doo, or stop motion detail (isle of dogs) or the progression of pixar movies

  • Solo sucks but it's better than the Phantom Menace.

  • I've only discovered this channel and Corridor recently. I love what you do, I honestly do, but now if I watch a movie where the CGI is slightly sub-par, I *really* notice it, and I almost wish I wasn't so aware. I've gone from 'huh, that didn't quite look real, oh well' to 'Hmm, I think the unconvincing ambient occlusion is the main reason the CGI stuck out in this scene, but the rotoscoping wasn't particularly well-done either...oh, I missed the last five minutes". Ignorance is bliss.

  • Young Anakin is in fact Jake Lloyd who also played Jamie in Jingle All the Way

  • Cw

  • jar jar jinks was a sith lord, fans fucked everything up by hating him

  • You guys need to react and or compare the cgi in both Mogli and The Jungle Book. That would be really cool to see your guys opinions on both of them together

  • didnt see clone wars, but what really annoys me is no episode 3

  • There is a scene in EP2 when yoda talks you can see a HOLE in the model lol

  • G.I Joe

  • He called him Ian McGregor lol

  • Jar jar isn’t as bad as people say he was, and I feel real sorry for the actor that got all that flack for his character, I wanna give him a giant hug :(

  • I really love this channel now! Truly talented bunch!

  • Well the clone troopers don’t move differently, and yeah, you could tell that they weren’t real. I hate that they made the clone troopers entirely cgi in the trilogy...

  • Please React Bahubali (indian Movie)

  • Early Stargate SG-1 effects in season 1 vs. late Stargate SG-1 effects in season 10

  • Walking with Dinosaurs.... Do it hahaha

  • The Clone Wars series is canon to the Star Wars Universe, Maul had a LONG return story arc across it and later Rebels. Solo merely borrowed it and built onto it a tiny bit.

  • Darth maul has a whole story. Y’all should go learn about it if y’all enjoy Star Wars 😂

  • Here's one I'd like to know more about, it's from the film The Lost Battalion (2001) The quality is meh, but the effect stands out. I've looped it a few times cause it happens really quickly. ro-tv.com/tv/video-ozuJpxnhNRE.html

  • It seems all these VFX artist were children when the film came out. Does their opinion actually matter? It's like asking them to comment on 1964's Godzilla. Why?

    • Is it possible you feel different about the cgi?