VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

Publicat pe 15 iun. 2019
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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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  • I liked the prequels. The films I thought were daft as fucking hell were the ones with Rey in them.

  • Starship troopers! It lost to titanic at the oscars. Please help me understand bc I thought Starship looks a lot better plus more work was done compared to titanic.

  • It is Jamie From Jingle All The Way!

  • So who's here after the release of The Rise of Skywalker trailer?

  • Need a reaction to the movie "2012"

  • Darth Mauls return all depended on if you had seen the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. It makes a whole lot more sense

  • Regarding that explosion that triggers before the bit of shrapnel hits it: I put it to you that this actually has the effect of making the shot look more, not 'realistic' but more acceptable to us, because it rewards our literacy with practical controlled-detonation shots. Sometimes less physically or optically accurate is more appropriate, as these videos demonstrate time and again.

  • jar-jar is a masterclass in cartoon-stylized animation. which is precisely why it doesn't fit the movies at all. it's like loony tunes character escaped into the real world. (i swear i wrote this comment half a minute before you said it! =D )

  • The podracing sequence also had pretty amazing sound design... All those various engines... Beautiful.

  • u peeps should do ur research on star wars more, george still really cared about the universe, and maul has always been alive, it was geaorg's idea

  • The guy in the middle has a serious testosterone deficiency. His voice is so high it sounds like he’s literally replaced his blood with estrogen.

  • what about you guys take these bad vfx effects and upgrade them ?

  • I absolutely knew that the comments would be filled with stuff about Maul

  • how dare you maul was in the clone wars animated show

  • It is the kid from jingle all the way.

  • The light saber battle at the end of phantom menace. (Don't do it I have the high ground)....... eat those words OLD BEN!

  • 7:50 "what a fantastic actor Christopher Lee is with his movements." For any shots where Lee is doing moves, it's actually a body double with Lee's face added on. Notice how closeups, he's pretty still. Old guy, not doing these fancy twirls.

  • have you guys checked out Adywan's Revisited fanedits? he puts painstaking work into redoing FX from the original trilogy and its incredible. highly recommended, would love to see those FX talked about on here

  • Maybe It’s beacuse I grew up with them but I always loved the prequels

  • 0:14 What's the movie

  • I loved the prequels, I don’t care what anyone says. Sure, they aren’t perfect, but they were still pretty fucking sweet.

  • Wow! Everyone in the comments went, “Now, what just a minute Niko. Maul’s been back, and it adds to the genius of Star Wars making Obi-Wan AND Maul better characters.” Glad to know we’re on the same page, those of us ‘in the know’

  • Please to revenge of the sith next it’s the best of the prequels and I think has a very close quality to that of movies made today. Awesome vid I really enjoyed it.

  • can we get a “superman returns” vfx breakdown

  • “Solo decided that Maul is still alive” Clone wars: Gentlemen

    • @Dodger99 we wont because he died in Rebels, killed by Obi Wan

    • @Dodger99 why would we see maul in the rise of skywalker?

    • And now we might see Maul back in The Rise of Skywalker

    • Star Wars Rebels: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Maul clone alive rebels still star wars

  • Fun fact: Darth Maul (Ray Park I think) had to be cut in half for the scene where he dies.


  • 90% of this CG is utterly terrible. I'm amazed these guys are as impressed as they are.

    • Its only terrible compared to modern CG. When criticizing stuff like this you gotta remember the technological restraints that they had back then

    • Tbf the cgi in the phantom menace is 20 years old and still looks damn good

  • 10:24 y’all didn’t see that one episode of clone wars with Spider legs McGee, did you?

  • SOMEONE didn’t watch Clone Wars.

  • React to "the gate"

  • "the earth exploded before it touched it..." ? I'm pretty sure it was just hitting a large rock.

    • @Dodger99 Yes, but I meant that it wasn't the earth exploding from below, but the pod crashing into a rock (horizontally).

    • "earth" is what dirt and rocks are called

  • Harry potter and john carter

  • Wow, seriously no Revenge of the Sith? I just watched it for the first time in awhile and the VFX are incredible. Only acceptable reason is they are dedicating an entire episode to it 🤣

  • thier graphics was not all that bad but the use of it, where, when and how was shit! The story sucked as well, Jar Jar was an attempt to inject Black-styled character into the film due to political pressure in Hollywood from that group-set, as well as agents trying to turn a buck off the "ethnic-card". those storm-troopers look like shit with the "old-person" facial design, its just crap and un-watchable for me personally.

  • press like if you touched your shoulder in 4:16

  • The new Star Wars (Force Awakens, Solo, TLJ) sucks storywise.

  • if you pause the video exactly at 9:06 you can see that the back end of Maul's lightsaber isn't rendered

  • Back when star wars was innovative and had an actual story to tell... better times

  • JaJa says dinotopia

  • Totally the same kid from “Jingle All The Way”. Bonus points: His (character) name is Jamie.

  • who else love the fucking prequels

  • You forgot rots amazing visuals!!

  • Saw the new video with the Tedx talk, here in the video Wren has the mark from the onewheel ehen he crashed =)))

  • Please react to gemini man

  • @7:48 In the Yoda vs Dooku scene, the majority of the fighting with Sir Christopher Lee is actually a stunt double, and they in essence photoshopped his face on to the double. Is this one of the first times of deep fakes? Or are there other times before this? Love your videos!

  • Godzilla and all the titans in Godzilla king of monsters

  • "Back to the react thing" spoken like true RO-tvrs *proud tears in eye*

  • Gemini Man = worst vfx in a new release

  • Do the CW shows, like The Flash

  • darth mauls being alive is in the clone wars show as well

  • Please react to making of The lion king

  • The bottom of the pod racer engine does hit the rock as it explodes, take a close look at the orange front at the bottom

  • PLEASE DO VAN HELSING WITH Hugh Jackman 🙏🙏🙏🙏 the effects are amazing

  • Everyone cared when Qui-Gon died

  • There are only 6 live action star wars films . What sequels ?

  • How was the Jurassic world scene done where the dinosaur chases and bites the ball and the kids inside

  • do rim of the world

  • I cant wait for 30 years from now when there is a youtube video bashing your cgi.