Virtual Reality - SteamVR featuring the HTC Vive

Publicat pe 5 apr. 2016
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Full list of games featured in this video:
The Lab
Job Simulator
Cloudlands: VR Minigolf
Fantastic Contraption
Irrational Exuberance
Final Approach
Space Pirate Trainer
Everest VR
Arizona Sunshine
Elite Dangerous
Budget Cuts
Hover Junkers
Tilt Brush
The Gallery - Episode 1


  • Wow

  • What is the game in 1:30?

  • I miss my vive it was the best thing ever made now the index has come and it is not in Australia so I went with the cosmos huge mistake but nothing I can do. htc ruined the new headsets thank you valve for making your own headset that is actually good but please let your next headset be purchasable by everyone when I upgrade

  • I really love htc vive and i want to get one and record video for youtube about htc vive and say friends how much htc vive is amazing but its very expensive

    • Price has dropped a lot, htc vive imo was the best headset of its time but now you should probably move on the the rift s or the index as they are so much better

  • Hi looks wonderful if you have any you'd like to give away please include me thanks!

  • Go to 1:50

  • cul pero :v mui caro no vale la pena gastar mucho dinero

  • This I really entertaining and my son is begging me to get a vr headset and I really want give him one but I can’t because it is too much money and my son would be really happy just please can I get one for free I would be really sad because my son would keep on begging for it and I can’t lie it is really annoying just please if you can reach out to me I would be very happy

  • Ohh nice to see.. I'm operator in VR game center in saudi arab. VR games are very attractive for the costomer and people.. I'm from india

  • Could i have a free Vive. Please ive been working my butt off at work and i cant make enough money. i know how much hate i will get from this but, i love your videos and i just want to be a part of the team with a vive headset. please anyone out there. please


  • 1 2 3

  • Dear, Valve I have been false reported, my account has been banned for some reason, it says that I myself was duping on tf2, I need to be unbanned beacuase of that, and that who reported me accidentaly did it, so please valve, pleasenlisten to me, I want to play tf2, Tf2 is my life pls valve please help us.

  • 3 years later it just got better and better but oculus is better even when been 600 pounds and dollars cheaper

  • I love how the u can find new animals under water and u can have experience with them can I have a vive

  • Excellent

  • Классно

  • I’d rather have Portal 3

  • Hi I want to say that I like this video first. With the Steam app, I can safely buy and download games and play. I love your games very much, especially portal 2, portal 1, half-life 2, half-life 2 episode 2 and 3, CS: GO and finally garry's mod. I'm very curious about virtual reality if only I had a Vive so I could see the virtual reality experience. unfortunately I don't have the money to take it. I was wondering if you could send me a free Vive. :'(

  • RIP Vive, I just got mine like 3 months ago and its coming off market soon...

    • @Zalzany Games I have owned a Vive since 2016, and sold it in January as I sensed updated hardware on consumer HMDs was on the horizon, and I was right. The Rift S is not a "meh sit down toy". I bought the S 80% sure I was going to return it if it was noticeably inferior to my old Vive tracking wise. To my surprise, the tracking was actually *very* good, and save a few rare cases (like when your hands are behind you) even then its really not an issue. It was basically on par with my room scale Vive experience. The headset is much lighter than my old Vive. The controllers are *much* better than the Vives controllers. Lastly, the resolution is NOTICEABLY better. The screendoor effect on the Vive is horrendous, making some text in games are almost unreadable. Also the Rift S is 200 dollars cheaper, lmao. "My Vive is 100% compatible with the Index" And? Do you mean to tell me you bought a Vive kit to then upgrade to something from the Index? If you were to later upgrade to the Knuckles, your cost would end up being 879 USD, 900 USD to upgrade the Base Stations, or 1100 to upgrade your HMD. Why wouldnt you just have saved up another 400 dollars and waited? TL;DR you bought outdated hardware.

    • @VncleChrvs Why not its not like its expired? I mean the tracking is still better then Rift S, and I wanted the room tracking Rift S is meh toy if you want sit down cool. But my vive 100% compatible with the Index, your Rift S isn't and the audio is bad both the output and input. Like you can tell a rift user on games like pavlov they sound like they are speaking in tongues on occasion lol I mean only rifht S has is what? Better resolution. And Index was 1000 bucks, COSMOS was teased not really announced like every one thought on youtube it was gonna be stand alone like a Quest lol Next you will tell me "why did you buy the 2016 Razor mouse, you know you can get the 2020 in like a couple months right?" It does the job, and the vive still better then rift S on every front but resolution lol

    • Idk why you would get a headset from 2016 this late, three months ago Im pretty sure the Oculus Rift S had been out, Valves Index was announced, HTCs Vive Cosmos was announced, etc. Hope you got a good price atleast.

  • Gimmie The Vr Please

  • 0:56 - Background okay. Dog not okay.

  • Half life 3

  • i would rrally want to buy one but im broke and young sooooo..

  • 2:01 what is that game called?

    • Fantastic contraption

  • Really cool video!😃

  • Elon musk:we are in simulation. Then by putting VR box we are in double simulation ?

  • wow nice vid i like seeing this stuff

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  • Me: Yes it took me 3 years to get the pc and the vive but it was worth it! Wallet: Bankrupt

    • Graphincer congratulations, you’re in wonderland now - no going back!

  • привеит я американец но я учьу руски языик nice video

  • Ho good video

  • can i have a free valve index kit and dont think of not sending a pc with it you cheap fucks

  • I m pretty sure that with in 10 year of time we would feel like yak! Those a so primitive 🥴

  • I realy enjojed this video may i get one for free please.

    • okay message me

  • I think you might be interested

  • 1:10 Dog Junior

  • Even though I chose to go with the Oculus Rift, I still dig this commercial.

  • Mana Orang Indonesia Yg nonton... Like 👍👍 😁 Indonesia

  • *(*friends not included sadly)*

  • I miss Valve. The Old Valve.

  • 3:17 what game is this I must know

    • elite dangerous

  • Remember seeing this when I was younger and constantly nagging my mom about it, and now that I have it, it’s so weird looking back on it, and comparing how I thought it would be like because of the video, and how it actually is

  • Very informative and very well conceptualize bravo VALVE I will be able to have 1 please 😣 because my mom don't want to buy 1 for my and I create a video games

    • YACIN TM r/youngpeopleyoutube and r/choosingbeggars

  • i .. i...i /…..Wghatttttt

  • cool video and i empress with it can i have ahtc vive

  • Or maybe make a free htc vive?

    • it is free

  • Woow ilove tbis

  • Ohh I wished I had a htc vive headset it looks awsome


  • Hi Valve Team. I know you don't want to hear this but I bought an Oculus Quest. But I am so impressed on how you created this content. Is it possible to point me in the right direction in being able to recreate the content you guys have but with my Oculus Quest? Please Please Please - any help greatly appreciated. Like what type of camera do you have? Is there a link to where I can buy that camera?

    • well, i think its only for valve/htc/vive's a "how to do" - but for the valve. Anyhow maybe interesting for you to see how they did it...

  • The HTC Vive looks really interesting, and I find it to have a lot of experience through each software you play on. If you don't mind.. can I have one for free?

    • No they wouldn't do that

  • 3:33 wow you did a really good job!!!!!!!

  • None of these people are real: They’re computer generated constructs. Just messing with you 🧟‍♂️🧚‍♀️🤳

  • This was totally not worth 800 dollars three years ago.

    • @Yoh Slenn Ren but it was. At the time, no experience could match it. Not oculus or anything


    • @Yoh Slenn Ren it was at the time, just like the valve index is worth $1000 right now but will depreciate over time

    • FrostPix No it wasn’t. It’s worth 500 dollars now, but 800 was a bit steep.

    • 3 years ago, yes it was.

  • Pls

  • I like this. Valve is my favourite game company. Can I get an HTC Vive For free?

    • i could buy you one if you want

    • No they wouldn't do that

  • Can I have an HTC vive pls they look really fun

    • i can buy you one

    • No they wouldn't do that

  • It is the year 2019 and vive is still amazing to this day. Thank you for making this happen to our community and other youtubers.! This technology is the best thing i've ever seen in my life!

  • Put TF2 on Xbox