We RESCUE Game Master from Quadrant Headquarters in Real Life (Daniel Hacks Network for Face Reveal)

Publicat pe 24 mar. 2019
Searching for clues to uncover the truth after lie detector challenge with ninja gadgets.
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Rebecca Zamolo made FOUND GAME MASTER while Escaping TOP SECRET Headquarters! (E2 Quadrant Date Reveal) Matt and Rebecca created Searching for Game Master at 3am inside Quadrant Top Secret Headquarters! Rebecca and Matt were in a trap inside the quadrant vault at 3am and needed to solve the clues to get out. After they escaped with Daniel their cameraman, they needed to unbox the gadgets using the riddles in the clue room. These ninja spy tools are being used to build a mystery device for what we think is the next event called E2. Daniel previously noticed that the first to find the box wins $10,000. We need to get this back to the gamemaster so we can take him to the safe house as he still hasn’t been revealed or unmasked. We still don’t know if we can trust Daniel but need to get the GM out before he is hypnotized or has to take a truth mixture which is kind of like a lie detector. We must defeat the hacker in this battle royale. If we lose, we may be trapped in a 24 hour overnight challenge for 24 hours at 3am in real life! Will we escape in time? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • Will the plan work to escape and do a face reveal?

    • No ,it’s not the game master it’s Daniel

    • Daniel has the patch in his vest

    • Yes

    • Matt and Rebecca I 🤔 think this is it👑🎒🌂

    • Guys if ya look at the video 10:16 the game master has red eyes so could it be a trap that the Rz twin put think look at 10:16

  • And I am using my dad’s account in my name is Paige

  • I really want to see you guys in real life and is the game master real

  • I sore a key at the bottom of the black box

  • The game master had red eyes

  • Planed to make all youtuber's think the gm is doing face revile and it is not true it's a trap do not go I seen mutible vidio's of it

  • Guy's the game master not the quadren and project zorgo

  • Rebecca. That was not the GM it was Daniel. DON'T TRUST DANIEL!!!!!!!!!1

  • 1102

  • 297

  • Rz twin has a Chano

  • The mask is the hipnotist

  • matt rebeca if you no that the last to fall in the water challenge right rose your friend is wet after she got out but that,s the clone not the real rose

  • That isnt the gamemaster

  • don't trust Daniel! GM's eye's looks like Daniel's eyes!

  • Rebecca I have something to say! Grace sharer* and Stephen sharer* think your working with the GM.They followed you once and said that the GM said that YOUR now working with him...

  • I Made it this far

  • 1102

  • Zorgo diffuse 9 : 50

  • Thats daneil i saw his eyes

  • The GM actually had red eyes don't let him in and don't trust me you didn't see what he has red eyes


  • I have your Blake Hoody zamfam

  • Hey Rebecca I have some news these people on a different Chanel The Norris nuts squad have been in trouble and they needbyour help. The game master is going to delate there chanel and they need your HELP PLS HELP THEM.

  • You are awesome❤️❤️

  • I don't trust Daniel he told you all to go in different places maybe hes meeting the quadrate member

  • 😍😍😍

  • Its the hipnitist

  • Daniel must be working for the quadrant because I think they swapped clothes because it looked like Daniels face

  • The gm looks like Daniel , he LIED

  • It was a Santa little helper mask

  • Hi my name is Aaliyah truong and I love your Channels💕💗🙂🙃😉 and Rebecca you are pretty

  • Rebecca this might not help but that mask the hypnotist had was the mask from Santa’s little helpers place

  • Where was Daniel when GM went into the car

  • I think it's the new like person how they did it with a quadrant

  • Guys Daniel is a CLONE !!!!!

  • that is daniel

  • Don't trust daniel

  • It's the hypnotist

  • 1102

  • the game masters eyes looks exactly like daniels and no surprise there daniel wasn't there so it was daniel those eyes were probably contacts

  • It sounds like Daniels accent anyone else notice that like if you did


  • The orange smelling box its clue is the Florida plate

  • Hi nice video

  • zorgo djffuse (current time)

  • Yes the plan will work Daniel will have a clone soon

  • Hope you get out

  • Then watch the game Master itis Daniel

  • Matt play one night stand by vidar vilar to Rebecca

  • That is not the game master

  • the gm looks like Daniel hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 634

  • the gm is part of the quadrant


  • NOOOO, that wasn’t the game master. He had red eyes

  • Thats not the game master

  • 👍🏼🤘🏻👋🏻🤙🏻🤟🏼

  • I saw that mask before

  • I think qanguy is the game master

    • It's true he is the game master


  • At 10:16 or 9:06 there is a red light

  • The word is flash

  • When you where in the hunted doll house

  • Like you agree ;)

  • Thats not gm

  • I love your videos😉

  • It was the hipmotisise

  • The mask is the hipnitize mask

  • Guys i know the event there gonna change innocent rebecca and evil rebecca!!!

  • I saw it

  • At 9:32 it is not the game master it is Daniel and you can tell by his eyes you can see a little of the beard Daniel has and the game master doesn't

  • Hypnotist???

  • One like to help the family 🥺

  • that was Daniel behind the game master mask

  • I watched a video on RO-tv and rz twin and quadrant were talking and they said E2 date is April 27th YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS REBECCA ZAMOLO

  • That is not the real game master it is a clone with red eyes and might have done something to Daniele

  • the event date is actually April 27th

  • the event date is April 28th

  • Rebecca and the camera man got caught by the quardrent in the Rebecca video!

  • guyyyss the real e2 date is April 27 like so Matt Daniel and Rebecca plsss

  • I have

  • Rebecca you need to be careful I saw that the game master had red eyes

  • 9:33 the gms eyes are red

  • ypu are best youtuber

  • Rebecca! The RZ twin was lying to you! In one of the GM videos there was a security camera that showed the RZ twin and a member of the quadrant fighting and the real E2 date is April 27th!

  • Don t trust Daniel because maybe he is the game master

  • It was a gm clone Daniel might have done something to him since he seems suspicious and might actually be apart of the quadrant

  • Hi, my name is Isabel, I want to tell you, that I know who the GM, he is your camera man, Daniel.

  • I dare you...... To like this comment

  • I don’t trust Daniel he has red eyes and when ever game master shows on the tv Daniel is gone if u realised Like so Rebeca sees this

  • I saw the mask at clown place

  • I saw the mask at clown place

  • Game master have red eyes

  • Also the “game master” has red eyes so maybe the quadrant knew you were trying to save the gym so they cloned him Pls like 👇🏽

  • #zamfam #Zamfamspysquadddd. Pls like so Rebecca and Matt can notice

  • It is not the game master it is Daniel

  • Hold up at the end Daniels eyes were red does he have a clone or is he a robot

  • its daniel hes not the gm

  • The Gm is a wake it a cloan