What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

Publicat pe 18 iul. 2019
If you happened to wander into the Nevada desert and stumbled upon the secret U.S. military base, Area 51, you'd quickly be arrested, killed, or maybe even abducted by aliens. But what if you happened to organize one million other people through social media to storm Area 51? They can't stop us all right? Or can they? And if you did manage to get into the base, what would you see?
Transcript and sources: insh.world/science/what-if-one-million-people-actually-stormed-area-51/
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  • The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: ro-tv.com/tv/video-jpaHRQl6wG0.html

  • If they free the aliens of a prison IT could be bad they maybe want to kill us all maybe that's why area 51 is secret? Or Just super secret weapons

  • There is probly a dollar in it

  • Plot twist: area51 doesn't exist

  • Nah they probably hide it because its a paradise and they just kept it only for trump

  • Me and the boys storming area 51

  • Forget area 51, lets Hunt the Big Foot. It can't kill us all

  • *mr. Beast is laughing*

  • This means war…

  • The naruto runners will take over

  • What About Misdirection And Storm Them From Behind :v

  • Don't forget to use NUTTERTOOLS while entering

  • Soldiers, do not respect stupid orders! American soldiers will kill american teenagers, what a stupid idea. Better wear alien mask then people do not hurt you.

  • We all die some just like the Dinosaurs

  • Plot twist: the commentator works at Area 51

  • The area 51 guards or scientist are planing to build a laser tank

  • This would make a great online Game.

  • What if i cum on a deep fryer

  • they most use giant inflatable AT-AT to invade

  • It was god mgs for a people

  • wrong its actually 3 million pepole not 1 million

  • Area 51 is actually running out of test subject *Naruto RUNNERS*

  • The raid is 10 days after my bday lol

  • What if the 1 million people did have guns and were all good shots? Could some break though the military presence then?

  • They are probably hiding the soap that kills 100% of germs

  • If one person shows up to Area 51 Guards: ? Goku: hi I’m goku Guards start shooting* Goku: Hey! Throws a spirit bomb* All the naruto runners show up from their hiding spots and open the gates* Looks at the ashes of aliens* The end. At least they saw one alien, Which was goku that is LMAO


  • The real question is.... Who even made the myth of having aliens in Area 51? And who created the name?

  • Well in the Purge just raid Area 51

  • The US military will defend the base by doing what they do best, rendering flesh. Storming a military base will get you the Darwin Award's #1 spot

  • How to get into Area 51 Tutorial: 1. Become a Member of the Boring Company. 2. Steal an Boring machine. 3. Bring it near area 51 and start digging. Or have an Alien Passport.

  • People : *Actually show up* U.S military : You weren’t supposed to do that

  • What if they used the aliens to protect area 51?????

  • AREA 51 RAIDERS! Assemble

  • We need some people in the base

  • Its a full fledged party now!! See yall there

  • We all need camo so they think we are on there siide

  • Just like that I recommend flat earthers split into two groups and run/drive in opposite direction and figure out the shape of Earth.

  • 600.000 idiots will naruto run to the base.

  • If Area 51 gets infiltrated by people running like Naruto I’m gonna slap each member of our government. I expect better of you. Atleast infiltrate the base doing something that looks cool.

  • Sorry alphabet bois, not buying it. I'm getting my stand arrow and ora-oraing the boogaloo

  • Excellent way of getting rid of 1 million mentally challenged humans

  • All of them would die The end

  • I think its fake but alians ar fake so i think but i dont know

  • Americans raiding unarmed?? Is that possible?

  • I thought it was fake but now am in

  • Only way you gonna get on the base is in a body bag. Most likely from the 20 mile hike in the desert from the front gate. If you make it that far you'll be shot.

  • Am i the only person who refuses to believe that aliens exist? And that storming area 51 is a stupid idea?

  • There’s going to be a lot of probing that night

  • What we need: Guns Fire for tanks Ammo Donald drump Stalin and hes army A bomb 60% of all peoples

  • If 1.5 million people storm Area 51 you know what happens? A quarter of humanity gets erased... trust me, it’s a bad idea, your life’s not worth risking just to see aliens or UFO’s and possibly cause an alien invasion that would erase half of humanity. Just live the life that you are proud to have and don’t do anything stupid, now you can call me a nerd or a loser all you want but I am not going to cause an alien invasion, who’s with me? No one? Ok lol 😢

  • You would find one million dead people a long distance from their destination.

  • Alternate Universe Aliens raid Area 15 To Free Humans

  • Area 51 is hiding hand sanitizer that kills germs 100%

  • Get ready for the great Area 51 massacre

  • ha you think we'd only have a million naruto runners pathetic

  • damn cj

  • You say you can't get there because of the Traffic from all the people going to area 51? That makes no sense. Because if that is the case. Plenty of people would get close to area 51. Are you stupid?

  • Do it please do it. Darwin’s law is such fun to watch you dumb fucks

  • Ive join to storm area 51 i even buyed 1 rifle and 3 grenade

  • Play the music called "deja vu" while running naruto style thats better..

  • Quality target practice for our boys, the US Armed Forces

  • i rather storm t series hq with 9 year old army...

  • If really they are aliens in that place, its mean that is worth to discover the truth, because this knowledge is for all people not only for army. The plan of attack will fail if army earlier conduct nuclear test on this area and sacrifice one base to hide truth (the final solution). They can also move ufo evidences earlier to another base for e.g. Dulce (it is easy way because they know date of attack). If you really want to go into that base, every volunteer should have got own private drone to focus army fire to drones not on people. Also if school go into base soldiers can't shoot children, because it is barbarian, or they are barbarian... think about consequences. I wonder why president of the USA did not speak on this matter, and order to open the door for any guests for one day??? It is simple and will prevent tragedy (open door day). But maybe he have not sufficient power to order Majestic 12 (or their followers)? In my opinion in the day 09.20 Majestic 12 will find peacefully solution, because they are smart, very smart, and have got a lot of money and big support from another bases... maybe this area will be empty to that day. Who knows?

  • 1923:In The Future Well Have Flying Cars! 1948:Maybe Now? 1978:Oh Cmon! How Long Do We Have To Wait Longer? 2019:*LETS CALL 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO RAID AREA 51!!!*


  • First problem is solved by getting out there early and camping out.

  • I have a suggestion.. Use some masks to avoid peppersprays

  • 1 million people would go missing

  • I don't know about anybody else I am going to be so high... smoking my weed that I'm going to be laughing so hard.....Look it's a little guy o no that's only my brother...🙈🕺🏿💨

  • If you get 1million people to rush Area 51, I would be like "Man. There goes 1 million of the dumbest people walking God's green earth today."

  • No ones going to get through area 51.

  • on area 51,the goverment's cash is hidden inside area 51.

  • Me get a bunch Jojo fans and play all parts. Themes song and play ii vento doro for the final boss fight

  • Nothing. Nothing there. Go to memphis. That's where the action is. Or not.

  • What happend 1 million man and wowen grab some taser and shield and armor

  • God stays in heaven because he lives in fear of what he has created

  • I thought this was a short video saying “you’ll die.”

  • They will get shot

  • No one: Nobody: Not a soul: Me: GUyS LeTs STorm aREa 51 We NeEd UHHH JAmES cHArLES ALl tHE PlAYErS In rOBlOx Person: YEAH LeTs DO It Person 2: shutup Me: WELL tHeY CAnT TAKe AlL OF US dOWN IF theY CAn plAY PHanToM FORCeS ETC THeN LeTS Do It LETS FrEe OUR AlIeN BROtHeRS