What is Happening to One Punch Man?

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
Watch the Season 2 Trailer: ro-tv.com/tv/video-NezvLw2gRAY.html
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  • He was right, the trailer gave a very clear impression of the quality of season 2, and he didn't watch it (or at least made videos about) . Understandable.

  • but they are

  • Judging the season before the finishing touches is a little harsh. We all know that OPM is under a new development team and that should be troublesome especially when you are transitioning animator to copy an art style on a different scale then your previous work. Plus they were trying so hard to replicate the manga format but animation quality is not on par with the previous season, that much was a let down. Quality is essential and that much I can agree upon but remember this is not Madhouse that animated this season but rather smaller animation studio.

  • For those who are hating so bad on season 2 I personally enjoyed it it was faithful to the manga and season 3 that should lead up to the monsters Association is going to be amazing so just stop hating and joy what's to come.

    • @Richard Reese yeah but season 2 shouldve had better pacing i n introducing those characters i bearley know half of their origins. They do much diservice to Garou. They rush through why he hates heroes

    • @litty committee I understand what you're saying but season 2 was more predicated on showing you more Heroes that you didn't see in the first season or further flush out and explain more of the S rank A rank B rank heroes that's supposed to lead up to the monsters Association battle vest to come in season 3 so between Garo and the Martial Arts Tournament that saitama participated in that was the major highlights of this season

    • Being faithful to a manga doesnt make it good. Pacing, art, animation, or storytelling. Everything goes into that went adapting a manga. Anime is suppose to increase the experience not downgrade. You can compare scenes and see for yourself. It doesnt do it justice.

  • The only lord and savior for season 3 is shingo natsume

  • Nothing, it’s still great the animation just changed

  • Season 2 sucks a lot, but I feel like they are going for a big plan... Still, it is just too lame.

  • they kill one punch man for me i rather read the manga.........

  • finally someone that thinks and feel like me!!!!!!!!!! 100% agreed........

  • man shut the fuck up . and your review is pointless and untruth . . i almost forgot .. BITCH

  • I actually found the seasons animation to be well above Average, sure it wasn’t as good as s1 but it was still good

  • I watch one punch man since 2016. I really love saitama.

  • this is why the new studio is getting little by little below expectations for what this great anime manga based could be. @t I think a terrible thing is to eliminate scenes that are not even considered worthy to be censored. Please, why?

    • the link I set was blocked buuuuu. Just type on google one punch manga online chapter 85

  • I've been waiting for a new Tool album for 13 years!

  • Latest episode gave my hope for the season, if you haven't, give it a watch (episode 11 steps up the animation)

    • @litty committee the choreography stepped up. That's literally it. Till then we'll just have to wait

    • I did. I have no idea what you are looking at if you think this ep gave you "hope." I will get my hope when I see Natsume back in the director chair

  • Fuck you season 2 is good. You should have never doubted OPM

  • Different director Different directions You got Steven Spielberg in the first season And Then you got Michael bay in the second season BOOM Instant effects

  • what about the sound? it really sucks

    • I know the sam pewww.. or bambusHHH! Sounds every FUCKING time!

  • i bet if the first season didnt have as good animation as it did then season 2 wouldnt get much hate....

    • No it still would considering there are better animes than whatever you can call season 2

  • lets be real here the animation isnt actually bad BUTTT but we as fans expect more from the new season because the old one was one of the best animmations in anime if not the best wait no but still if the season 1 wasnt made good quality thennnn noone would be complaining right?

  • i think always story comes first however the animation is also very important to convey the story as best as possible. its a very delicate conbination

  • One punch man season 2 is alright at best it seems soooo lazy now.

  • It's certainly watchable but a massive disappointment and nowhere near season 1. It's bad enough that i feel like it will be remade in the future..one can hope.

  • Then you watch the second season and realize nothing changed with the animation.

    • @Hiccup Haddock Yeah I clearly haven't.

    • WaveForceful What? You clearly haven’t seen the second season, then.

  • I personally like OPM Season 2. I find it entertaining and I don’t care if the jump isn’t perfect or on character walks funny. I still enjoy it.

  • Is just not great,not terrible

  • One punch man but the MC is like a side character

  • One punch man has run its course as a joke and premise.

  • The original combination was perfect. Don’t change the formula if it still works...

  • Season 2 just needs better facial animations and reactions and juet better more coherent fights thats it jc staff.

  • Gave this video a dislike before watching the sec9nd season and came back to remove that dislike because season 2 sucks ass now.

  • They’re trying there best guys it’s a lot to live up to I think we just need to give it time

  • I think with videos like this that over analyze things it just makes people want to hate it more. I loved season 1. So far, over 10 eps into season 2 I'm fine with it. Animation is off, but im into the story and humor. I wait anxiously every Tuesday for a new episode. Im excited and happy for this season and seriously if people truly have a problem now, don't watch it. It happens, I've seen good shows turn to crap and oh well. Get over it.

  • One punch man season 3 by ufotable XDD

  • Just watched season 2 episodes, honestly it’s still pretty great, even if the animations aren’t as great.

  • What is Happening to One Punch Man? its becoming better

  • honestly i think it still looks good, i mean i know people are just gonna call me blind and what not but the show its self is just to good to not watch and the difference is not that terrible for me.

  • I'd love to see how, at the end of season 2, the original studio takes back the animation and breaks the industry again, it's one of my dreams

    • Me too man me toooooooo

  • They dont even bother with backgrounds.

  • Haven't seen a decent fight this entire season and the direction and music is meh. Probably with drop is after this season because I can't remember anything this season, not a single memorable moment. Only thing decent is Garou.

  • Season 2 is badass

    • Vladimir Makarov only difference is the animation I appreciate how season 2 really focuses on other characters and garous conflict. Animation isn’t even that bad, I still love the characters the same I did in season 1

    • momarist yes

    • Perhaps, but certainly not by the same metrics that made Season 1 badass.

    • No

  • It's not as good as se 1, but it didn't bother me too much honestly. I really enjoyed se 2 so far.

    • @leon3230 now that I've compared it to se1 s animation I'm starting to notice it more 😭

    • Last episode was animated so poorly i'm crying

  • Yuya Takahashi, Naoki Shida, Tu - yung Ce, and Shintani

  • Honestly, I'm fine with the animation. Yeah, it may be worse quality than the first season, but I still am ok with the new art, story, and pretty much everything else. The humor is still there and I still think it's funny and will still continue watching it.

  • Toradora and Food Wars.... now I get it.

  • Season 2 proved you wrong you dumbell stfu

    • How exactly did it prove him wrong? Season 2 is a downgrade across the board. The only thing barely keeping this together is the OPM story and comedy, and even then I believe that the comedy suffers from bad animation and directing.

    • Have you even watched it? The story is the only thing that is saving it because compared to the first season, the animation looks lazy

  • 5:56 now that's what I always thinking Madhouse Is great But man Shingo natsume it doing amazing job in opm 1

  • Releasing trash makes sense on business stand point? That's utterly rubbish and I for one not watching not buying anything from it.

  • GUYS its ok, atleast we have an anime

  • J.C staff - dragon to god level threat and maybe beyond. Reason: destroys every character one by one, even saitama.