What is Happening to One Punch Man?

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace?
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  • We insulted them so much they made it better

  • It's still awesome

  • They should learn from attack on titan...attack on titan is the only anime that have more than one season and consistently continues to getting better visually, musically . ...plot presentations is superb with good amount of suspense plus good explanations that leave the fan hanging and curious of what gonna happen next , which is good...the anime also remain truthful to manga plot's ..and present the art of the manga surounding's beautifully... The second season that takes 4years to be air from season 1 , are worth the wait and fan are not disappointed..cant wait for season 4 ...many manga such like tokyoghoul and berserk are badly received when turning into anime as the productiions team are rushing it , change the plot alltogether, inconsistent qualities, graphics changes or even VA changes...too bad onepunchman are added to the list or unless they fix it...and will remain loyal to manga that never disappoints me...

  • being ok is not ok

  • season 2 is too soft and smooth😰😰😰😰😰😭😰😭😰😭😭😭😭😭

  • Watching season 2 before watching this video, i really thought they cheaped out on animation budget. It was slightly disappointing to watch.

  • Story beats animation at the end of the day.

  • its not even that bad lol

  • Studio Bones too good

  • Why does every company intentionally or unintentionally ends up ruining their own great product. Only if they understood the importance of a great director. We probably would have got a much greater season 2 rather than what we got right now. 😑

  • The new one punch man animation really isn't that bad. It's lower quality over all but the most recent episode is probably above industry average. Tank top master Vs garou was awesome.

  • Just saw Genos fight with Sonic. It was horrible compared to first season AND manga. Completely out of my expectations.

  • he doesn't remember how long they haven't animated

  • And here ... I think S2 is good The trailer was ugly shit but starting to episode 2 the serie showed us some good fights; maybe it is just me

  • madhouse hunter x hunter 2011

  • Its ok Too Wate. We just want the same Cinematic Animation

  • At 3:27 even his eyes are not right!! And they are just dots!!

  • There is something wrong with the coloring. It bothers me so much.

  • naw man season 2 is almost as good as season 1 (so far)

  • i honestly don't have a problem with season 2, everyone is just acting like entilted brats over nothing, if you don't like it don't watch it

  • Also it’s really annoying reading “oh the manga is so much better” that’s not why they make a show duh they make it to bring the characters to life and for those who either don’t like or want to read. Also it’s been tossed around so much you have to give them some slack for delivering a good season with not a lot of time.

  • It’s really not that bad.. worse than season 1 of course it’s a different studio but it’s good still.

  • I love it! I think it's got great animations and energy. Im engulfed in the story that's what makes a good anime for me.

  • Criticizing the trailer as you are doing without watching an entire episode is rubbish; this week's episode was amazing, hope you are eating your words.

    • +Hmuz yeah that's what you mom said last night ;)

    • Diego Montero lol, your mom probably calls you special...

  • When the season 1 trailer is 90% of season 1 lmao

  • I don’t get why people think the animation is bad. I think it looks alright and once the 3 first episodes for season 2 got released I actually enjoyed not only the animation but the story and how it actually looks like it was made from the original manga. The animation could change to stick figures and I’d still watch it

  • Yea sure, the animation isnt as good but I'm still enjoying the 2nd season. People love to whine.

  • I have to say.... the new OP of OPM is truly painful to watch

  • It’s prob because toei was envolved

  • I am confuse, why can't the same studio animate it? They shoul ve just delayed this

  • nothing its perfect

  • Really ppl?! whats ur damage?.... I think the second season looks AMAZING! Y'all r really working hard to act like whinny bitch ass weebs. That's fine. GTFO posers

  • Wat do u mean it’s awful that means u are not a true one punch man fan

  • Ha ur wrong opm season 2 is 🔥

  • Who would win in a fight One punch man-like Goku reply

  • this is pretty true to the webcomic and manga....your asking them to change the original story

  • Oh how wrong they were 😂

  • One of the dumbast youtuber who doesn't know that season 2 would never be better when 1. Trailer was off but don't insult thing because of it's cover. And now I am freaking eyoing the anime. I think it's great. So this review makes me preaty angry.

  • So guys dont put expectations coz it will lead to disappointed.. I actually like one punch man season 2..ep 3 out

  • It was just a REALLY bad trailer, I dont think the episodes are bad at all! They aren't as good as they used to be, but they are quite good

  • its better to read the manga

  • Well the ep 1 of s2 wasn't great........ep 2 & 3 r dope though......they added a lot of animation & sound fx in the anime

  • The newest episode looked way better

  • I couldn't even finish the first episode. It looks and sounds awful.

  • you guys sure whining a lot. We all came for the story right, And not for the animation. i think j.c. Staff is doing a good job

    • +A person with much less free time Yeah you're right I just don't care about animation too much. but it is also difficult to pickup an anime that was so well animated

    • Well. Considering the title is one punch man, we can honestly guess whats gonna happen in the story. What made it so popular is how absurd it was, and it was great at being absurd. The animation sold that absurdity pretty damn well. So I can understand why people are getting riled up over the animation.

  • It's good for me. I bet you even watched the whole low budgeted crappy Naruto series

  • I mean episode 3 of season 2 came out, and theres a shimmer of hope for OPM. They did our boy garo justice

  • People would wait another one or two years, who really cares. I would wait for sure.

  • the 3 season 2 episodes aren't even bad

  • whoever made money on the first season and didnt invest into the second is a total little bitch. we need to get to the bottom of this shit that happens in anime and punish the assholes somehow. also, screw hulu. why the hell did they choose hulu?

    • now that i actually finished watching, i see that you say that they probs had same budget... idk, you mean that shitty animation but rushed demands same amount of money? theyre being inefficient with their money...My point remains, theyre butts.

  • I was also worried, but the first 2 episodes are actually pretty cool. Not the same level of the animation of season 1, but still pretty good.

  • the artsyle looks like if you took season 1 and dipped it in oil

  • The event. Though the animation isn't as good as it was before it's still fun to watch and I'm already interested in the story.

  • id rather read the manga than watch the season 2

    • +lyrics are life yout is dumb????? you mean youtube?

    • yout dumb its great

    • its abit like AAA games

    • not more but quality

  • I feel like you're giving it more shit than it deserves. Especially considering what they have to work with. The visuals still feel great and the humor through exaggeration is still there. They still know what they're doing

  • It would be nice to think that they could have studios alternate so we can get Madhouse back in the saddle for season 3, but also give some of the up and coming studios a chance to shine. That way we get more OPM, the creators get to try new things and the execs get the $$$.

    • +YeahOk dsa Fair enough, care to elaborate?

    • Thats a horrible idea in the buisness and animation industry

  • Wow it was just a trailer.

  • They should've made MadHouse sign a 5 year contract and give them all the money they needed,its the producers fault.

  • S2 is an atrocity,MadHouse dropping it is a tragedy since the anime deserved to give justice to Yusuke Murata's godlike art and manga adaptation of ONE's OPM.

  • OPM fans: *complaining about a drop in animation, even if it's still decently good.* Dragon Ball fans: *The proverbial fire is charring their skin, they keep walking like nothing was wrong*

  • I can not BELIEVE what they did to this show. Holy fuck! Its complete ass! Animation, pacing, audio, editing, everything. How does this happen?? Mob Psycho 100 was even better this season in terms of quality and this show went the complete opposite. I couldn’t even finish the second ep. guess ill stop torturing myself and read the manga now. I just hope the old studio comes back for the next season (if it even gets another). I’m so disappointed😢

  • Kind of jumping to conclusion dont you think? WHen i first saw the trailer to One Punch Man season 1, i wasnt impressed either. It took a year for my friend to convince me to give it a go. I saw the first episode and thought the animation was horrible for a main character until i realized that that was what they were going for. Now that Season 2 have arrive, the animation is actually a lot better than season 1's but at the same time they kept some of the funny animation of Saitama in it. Thats the beauty of this show, it doesnt take itself too seriously.

    • Did u just say that season 2’s animation is better than season 1

  • It’s actually not bad! That third episode was dope!!!

  • Oh no, the show doesent have visuals as good as the 1st season, that makes it much worse (stop! You piss me off) why do you care, just enjoy the story ffs

    • I just read the manga rather than watching season 2 and it was the best decision i made

    • The story ive already read in manga. Right, thats why we want ANIMATED TV SERIES right.

  • No one appreciates animators enough. It makes me sad.

  • What happened to season 2 of One Punch Man is unfortunate, but what happened to the creators of Kemono Friends season 1 is an outrage and a tragedy. One Punch Man was a great intellectual property that got the royal treatment by a great animation team and was as amazing a show as you would expect given its pedigree. Kemono Friends was a trash IP for a dead mobile game with a budget that consisted of a five dollar bill, some pocket change, and a stick of gum which a tiny crew of dedicated creators brought to life and turned into a surprise hit with their inventive story telling and charming characters in spite of everything. The producers then literally turned around and fired the people responsible for turning their pile of shit dead mobile game into a gold mine and then smeared their names in the industry. At least with One Punch Man it's not like they went and fired the geniuses that made it after it was successful. Those folks who did season 1 are just too busy working on their own projects.

  • Watched the first 3 episodes. Not gonna lie, i might like the new animation style way more. Everythings more fluent, and the story's already better then s1, even though it was already my fav anime. I was skeptical as fuck after watching the trailer, but oh boy have they pulled it off.

  • For those who don't know, ONE has started working on the original webcomic again.

  • *Murata:* So I'm catching up to where you left off in your comic, but I'm not sure I'll have enough material to make another volume unless you finish the stuff after Garou. So, no rush, but when are you going to start updating again? *ONE:* Uhh, I'm kind of burnt out after finishing Mob Psycho 100, maybe you could do a filler arc in the meantime, maybe flesh out the Garou arc a bit more? *Murata:* Oh, yeah, that's cool, I can probably do that. ~AN ENTIRE WEIRD TOURNAMENT ARC LATER~ *Murata:* So they're making Season 2 of the anime with all that filler content from my manga series. *ONE:* Shit! Shit! Shit!

  • This video is so depressing. Your so negative. WHY?

  • The quality isn't madhouse but it's still really good still actually. I didn't expect that.

    • Indeed, i actually feel like it has more frames, it looks way more fluent. Genos and some characters are slightly uglier, but overall im in love with it.

  • Honestly I dont understand why people complain so much. The story is so good it carries the anime by far

  • well after the first episode from season 2 i discover that all you said dose not matter one punch man is a god

  • jc studio ruined it.

  • Manga frames slideshow will look better that second season

    • three episodes are out, you should watch them they are actually quite good in my opinion. not as good as the first season but the animation is still better than most anime out there if you ask me

  • After saw the first 2 eps of OP S2. The quality just.. horrible. I can't believed i've waited 4 years for this..

  • Dragon ball super?

  • Anime-onlys: UGHHH THE ANIMATIONS SO UGLYYYY I CANT WATCH IT!!!1 Webcomics fans: *ok*

    • im anime only of this and idc, ill watch whatever as long as story is good and i know what happens. i dont pay much attention to details anyways. wasted too much money on lite novels of another future show, im satisfied with skimming, but dont know a single characters name rn. lol

  • It looks good

  • OPM is losing its humor and trying to put a serious face on. Which is fucking stupid.

  • this honestly broke my heart. and now i realize that its all mediocre now and that its all about corporate profit and us fans insatiable immediate needs

    • It's very disappointing

  • Hopefully now that the first two episodes have dropped people realize that this season is just as good the first. The trailer was shit, but the actual show, is amazing still.

  • Where did everyone's Common Sense go? Like it least you got a season 2 to watch. Like literally this got views?? Of all things that don't deserve attention an of all rants that deserves attention this gets views? Shut your trap an be great full that there is a season 2 of one punch man. The graphics?? Nobody gives a shit look at the manga, the Creator of one punch man had the worse graphics but people didn't care about graphics like this is so sad to see so called fans of one punch man bitch about graphics my bro. No more words needed to describe how sick I am of this petty rant about one punch man. (Edit: an btw I don't see nothing wrong, all I see is one punch man season 2 an that's what really matters)

    • Did u just say “graphics” U know those only apply to video games u fucking dumbass.

  • Mad House never tend to do sequels anyway. So it's not really a big thing.

  • First season was awesome but second season has an annoying episode opening theme its like 25% of the show. No one would notice if they just remove it.

  • Animation is pricy

  • It would really suck if the fight scenes are full of cuts. It should be like the first season or kinda like the Naruto choreography. Not Dragon ball shit😂😂😂

  • animeeey

  • Then *_CAN YOU DO BETTER?_* _bitch please_

    • R u fucking dumb, thats the worst arguement. Thats like telling a movie critic if they can do better at making a movie.

  • I enjoyed the first 2 episodes of season 2. Season 1 was god-tier, so season 2 would always disappoint. Be glad it went to JC Staff - they could have sent it to a much less capable studio, the list is long. I just hope they pull up their socks and turn up the heat on the quality & energy though.

    • Yeah, the animation really isn't bad. It's definitely taken a dip, but it's a lot better than I was expecting after watching this video.

  • i honnestly dont care about the animation the animation is still good i just want to see one of my fav manga get animated

  • I’m still going to watch it

  • In defiance, I will watch season 1 of OPM everyday until this monstrosity runs its course. The complete season. Everyday.

  • After episode 1 i am still enjoying the series

  • Honestly just let madhouse animate everything

  • After watching first two episodes, I regrettably need to say, that the overall feel and the animation in the S2 is at best mediocre and shit if compared to S1. I was hoping to see awesome fights from manga being animated with the same quality as they were in the S1. What a waste...

  • nothing happened. it looks as intended as the meme / parody it always was.

  • I think they won't top the anime in the first season cause what I heard is the madhouse company hired freelancers that really loves to draw one punch man so it was to detailed.

  • This isn't One Punch Man Season 2, this is One Shit Man Season Crap Animation and Messed over his voice. Season 2 is so horrible! 0/10

  • I can't wait for season 2 to end so that mad house would animate season 3 or the ones who are animating it would literally just animate it even better or closely enough to the season 1 animation