What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

Publicat pe 17 iun. 2019
We’re putting our buds to the test to determine what’s the best cheese for your burger! GMM #1556
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  • Now this! THIS, is American quality! Answer the question that has plagued this cheeseburger lover for the longest time!

  • Do the same with croque-monsieur You'll see how the "croque-chèvre" will win

  • American cheese isn’t cheese... it’s cheese product. Shouldn’t be counted in a cheese taste test.

  • American cheese isn’t cheese. It’s a chemical based by product

  • Mozzarella works on the right burger, like with garlic ketchup and onion strings, pizza burger

  • best cheese for a gourmet burger is manchego it’s amazing

  • You haven't had cheese until you've had gouda cheese.

  • Harvarti needed a chance!

  • Hypnosis is a sham!!!

  • 10:28 This is actually a very accurate way to represent a french speaking English (I'm a French)

  • Goat cheese and Gouda are two types of perfection.

  • The best cheese for my burger is whatever damn cheese I have conveniently located in my fridge.

    • Pizza blend fine shredded cheese... that's all I have right now lol. Made a ham and cheese sandwich with it earlier... I miss my pepperjack.

  • Cheddar burgers are the bomb!!!

  • Speaking as an italian I belive Mozzarella is only good as cold ingredient, its consistency it’s merit so if you put it on before the assembly it’s going to be a mild taste

  • I LOVE brie 😍

  • "I like the cheese to let me know i'm eating it"

  • One word....... PROVOLONE

  • E

  • Josh is the best

  • Cold sharp cheddar is the best

  • You guys legitimately put American in there over Cheddar? Disturbing.

  • the fact that american beat swiss and cheddar automatically loses all credibility for this video


  • The correct answer is sharp cheddar topped with provolone.

  • They chose some of the weirdest cheeses ever and didn’t even include provolone???

  • Pepperjack?

  • Only Cheddar

  • The fact that Swiss didn't even get to the main round but mozzarella did is infuriating. Who eats mozzarella on a burger? Nobody that's who! That's pizza cheese!

  • Unpopular opinion but I like parmesan

  • I wonder why they put tomatoes on links burger, surely it’s on purpose by now

  • Watch how much Link uses his lips to eat. You'll never stop noticing now

  • 0:19 "when u GROW burgers"

  • Will it sunscreen

  • whats with the dislikes

  • *American "cheese" shouldn't even be there.*

  • this is my favorite video

  • 7:32 - I wonder if he's a cottage guy, too.

  • Links tiny bites on these burgers is actually making me angry. Not sure why, but it is.

  • i would have went for the bleu cheese over the buffalo mozzarella .. but thats just me

  • Muenster!!!!

  • You guys should do a fast food ranch taste test

  • American is barely cheese.

  • I can't stand tomatoes either.

  • Could Link's bites be any smaller? Let's talk about that.

  • American cheese. Hands down. Cheddar is a close second.

  • Chevre is goat in french probably why it taste like goat cheese duh

    • Josh confirmed it was a goat cheese when asked if it was a goat cheese, duh!

  • "I'm just here to make everybody else happy" - Mozzarella

  • Josh! You have to come over and make me these same burgers!! I luv you, dude!!

  • Sharp cheddar

  • Beer cheese