Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

Publicat pe 17 iun. 2019
Behind the scenes of Eugene Lee Yang's coming out video, "I'm Gay:" a never-before-seen look inside the mind of a young artist and his complex, dark struggles with his identity, his work, his public persona, and his private life.
A documentary video by Kane Diep @kanediep
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  • Dear Eugene, I'm so proud of Eugene coming out! I love you Eugene like always, also don't be sad be happy of who you are! Sincerely, THE TRY GUYS BIG FAN

  • *You are gay? who would of known!* But legit glad you are happy know:)

  • You don't have to come out. It was obvious from the begining

  • used to be the only guy i liked in this boring group. But now i fucking hate all of them.

  • I love Eugene's choreography! I've seen his try guy videos before but finding out he's also an incredible dancer and choreographer blew me away.

  • I am not surprised. There has been signs since day one of Try Guys. Just glad the weight is off his shoulder but sad he took so long. Imagine the stress he has going through that. At least he will have loving and supporting people around him. Take care and much love.

  • Is he really gay?

  • As a Korean American who has thought every single one of these thoughts, let me just say thank you, Eugene. You've helped me a lot to come out to my parents, and this video gave me a push towards making plans for coming out to my more traditional Korean family. Thank you so much. You deserve happiness and I hope you soon find it.

    • @Daniel Budik Bitch wtf get out with your racist ass

    • Ni hao 🙏👲🐕🍽

  • You go Eugene, the people who you think will abandon you will stay if you are as close to them as they are to you

  • Here's the deal, Eugene - I've been watching the 'Try Guys' this past month & started out wondering WHY these 3 delightful, vulnerable, sweet, humble guys were hanging out with this egocentric, narcissistic, 'cool' to the point of cold but gloriously handsome & seemingly intelligent man (you). So in this way, by not "Coming Out" but having these WALLS up, you were perpetuating the Bad Guy persona. In fact, I didn't start really liking you until I watched you babysit Wes - AND as a young woman I HATED babysitting infants as I simply wasn't comfortable with a being I couldn't communicate with. I finally ended up understanding the same thing about myself - that I couldn't really emotionally bond with this baby However, I'd kill whoever tried to hurt it. So now, in taking on this project you are letting people like me understand where you're coming from & what you've been up against. That the WALLS were there in order for you to protect yourself & not because you wanted to separate yourself from everyone else because you thought you were better than us. Now, watching you prepare for this project (and watching these friends support, fund & believe in you), I'm so GRATEFUL that you're allowing your subscribers/fans/viewers to see the real you. I'm constantly telling my dear husband that it's a BRAVE choice to cry - it's courageous to embrace your feelings - and the bottom line is = It’s not your hair style or your face or color or confidence, your age or even your smile - It’s your HUMANITY that makes you truly BEAUTIFUL. With many hugs and much Love, Tonie Marlow PS I pray for happiness, FOR YOU!!

  • That purple ensemble is everything!

  • What a fag

  • I'm muslim . And i don't hate the LGBTQ community at all ... Just wanted to mention that after i noticed the woman who is wearing hijab in the final scene

  • This video made me brave enough to come out to my parents as lesbian. Edit: my parents just accepted me for who I am. 💞🏳️‍🌈


  • My favorite scene is the yellow scene

  • do we get to see the result? if so where?

  • If y'all didn't know this guy was gay idk wtf to do to help humanity, and why does it matter what kind of hole he fucks at night anyway?

  • I'm extremely happy for you Eugene. Most people make fun of me because I'm gay and I've just gotten used to it and I have had a crush on you (Eugene) ever since the try guys have started making videos and I want you to know that you deserve more than 2 cranes. You are a amazing person and I hope you live happily.

  • We knew

  • Eugene, you are a good person ❤️

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Wait, how is this news? I always assumed he was gay and out.

  • Try guys: What do we name this Eugene Eugene: Try guys try making a video that would be most important for Eugene

  • Because you need attention. Well at least it explains the severe lack of testosterone...

  • Good for you man

  • his parents could pass as his siblings! I need those genes lol loved this video

  • I think I might be part of the LGBTQ community but I’m still trying to sort my feelings out but one thing I have to say is I’m proud to see Eugene take a stand and say how he feels and what he is without anything stopping him anymore because he deserves the respect and appreciation as any other person

  • Yas Eugene, Queen


  • I knew a lot of time and effort and emotion would’ve gone into this but I never realised just how much ❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m stil kinda upset lol ugh I wanted to marry him 😭

  • Eugene thanks for sharing your story. It helps not only those who need support, it helped me to feel why person fine on outside would need it. I want to be compassionate and be supportive and helpful to people with pressure on them and insecurities and hard stories they don't want or don't know how to explain... But when you don't feel, know or imagine the what it really is or might be, because you've never have that experience, or felt that pressure, or self-disrespect, and whatever else! You are never sure and scared to do something wrong to person, or simply can't imagine that the person as confident and sure as, for example, you, have had this much trouble. So however compassionate you are trying to be, there's only a little chance you'd do and bring it right and enough. Until you know how it might be. Thank you very much for opening things and explaining them. This will have a good influence. Each one of those who wanna hug you is a person. Not a part of the mass, but a personality who is compassionate and want to give you support. Like, you have world hugging you. Again, thanks for giving us the ability to understand others who had deeper darker experiences we couldn't figure out on our own. Now we are able to understand some of whom we feel compassionate about better. @kanediep . Thank you for filming this documentary. Your calm does magic. I.. kinda try to tag everyone I could think about to get this to get shown to you, Eugene. I feel that you get a lot of thanks for help from LGBTQ+ and anyone who felt pressure in their lives but feared to come out or at least admit about a variety of things in their lives... But I wanted for you to know that you also helped the other part - ones who want to be compassionate ones, supportive ones, but are awkward ones, because never knew how deep that really could be. Now we can understand our friends, dear people and even recent strangers we want help to better. You helped more people than you imagined. You helped to make me better. @korndiddy @Try guys @Ned Fulmer @Keithhabs (I have no idea how to actually tag you. But I'll try. Worth a shot, heh?) @mandeephoto @thetrypod #TryGuys ? Edit: tags didn't work. Please, tag ones who can help to get this to Eugene or like it to bring this up in the comment section. Thanks to everyone who would help. Smile if you feel like it.

  • Don’t worry, boo. We knew you were gay and fabulous!

  • Such a beautiful video! Wow this is really inspiring me to do something similar! Go Eugene!

  • Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • The only way I really wanna have kids at this point is to take in queer kids who need a home, give them a safe place to live and teach them that they are worth a damn.

  • Fags

  • I hope you are happy, and i hope you keep being you. Just because others say you are an outcast doesn't mean you are, your a beautiful person inside and outside.

  • Every hot guy is always taken or gay 😭❤️ but i still love him uwu

  • Mayhem Miller: "It's a choice."

  • fuck all these thumbs down goddamn! boooooo love you Eugene

  • amazing!

  • I thought he was already out🤔🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Does this mean I might have a chance with Eugene now?

  • Damn I used to think he was cool lost all respect now

  • ...because you like dudes.

  • P R E A C H we love you

  • Your so great and loved.. keep doing great things Eugene!

  • Bruh I could tell since like 2016