Young Thug - I'm Scared ft. 21 Savage & Doeboy (Official Audio)

Publicat pe 16 aug. 2019
Young Thug - I'm Scared ft. 21 Savage & Doeboy
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  • Them niggas on thug face moving 🤨🤨🤨

  • Draem901 put me on this

  • Why is this not on sound cloud any more

  • Thugga Verse Subbbbs 🤯🔥🐍

  • Shii bang

  • Trust in nothing Addicted to fun shit You just mad I found God God bless

  • Who told Oprah he want wifey yet gottgaddmit

  • I love the chords on this one

  • Why I'm scared Halloween is coming BOO

  • *song comes on* Me: OHHHH REALLLL LEEEEE

  • Ngl this album came out of nowhere to me and it’s such a banger


  • 0:02 is the "I Fuck bitches and get money" button. Thank me later ;)

  • Doeboy sound kinda like offset

  • Oh milli

  • Strcccc8 up outta 6 I don’t talk I just fire

  • I took a dab mid song and the things on screen STARTED MOVING

    • They were moving since the begining, dweeb.

  • I just posted a fire dance to this song ! GO check it out! We killed it


  • Which Opps get Murder with my Advance

  • This chorus is legendary😂

  • This instrumental is fucking CRAZY ‼️

  • Wiz Khalifa has a song similar to this beat 😭 But I can’t remember what it’s called !! Anybody know?

  • He trash

  • “We Don’t Go Back And Forth Dog We Shoot Shit -21 Savage

  • Could You See Thug And Oprah In A Relationship?

  • “Oh Reallyyyyyyyy?”‼️

  • Anybody know who produced this track?


  • "ohh reaalllyyyy"

  • Fuck 12

  • 🔥 fire hit

  • Ooooohh reaaaaalllllly 🗣

  • Niggas clout chasing they don’t won’t smoke 💨 they wanna go viral

  • 21 was sneak dissing doe but doe killed it🤣🤷🏽‍♂️👨🏾‍🍳💯

  • Doeboy Snapping 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Como me la pones al palo young thug la re puta madre !! hace fuuuu !!

  • Oh, really? Yeah Oh, really? Yeah (racks) I'm scared to break the top (why?) I'm scared to make a mess because I'm watched by the cops (fuck 'em) I'm scared to count my blessings 'cause I'm gettin' watched by my opps (foes) But fuck it, Lethal Weapon, let it rip from out the top of the drop to his scalp Now he out like a light Ayy, every nigga with me slime and sheisty Stay on the PJ but I don't sight-see (no cap) Somebody tell Oprah I want wifey (call me) I know that lil' mama tryna fight me (ayy) I got slatt engrated in my Nikes Oh, you caught a body? Doesn't excite me (fool) All my niggas murderers, you're tiny Runnin' from the cops in a goddamn Rolls (ayy) I just cooked a opp on a goddamn stove (cook him) Shot up the opp block, and I robbed all they stores (yeah) Slime, do you got clocks? Nigga, twenty times four (let's go) Robbed him for his dank and his car and gas tank (let's go) I'ma rob that bank, I'ma, I'ma rob that bank (I'ma rob the bank) If I hit New York, I take my shank like a Yankee (on God) They stabbed him and he died, 'cause it's pointy and they yankin' (woo) Runnin' from the cops in a goddamn Rolls (ayy) I just cooked a opp on a goddamn stove (cook him) Runnin' from the cops in a goddamn Rolls (ayy) I just cooked a opp on a goddamn stove (cook him) Bitch, straight up out the 6, I don't talk, I just fire (straight up) Book me for a show, I put a Glock on my rider (on God) Niggas clout chasing, they don't want smoke, they wanna go viral (21) I just cooked the opp block in a deep fryer (straight up) We don't go back and forth, dawg, we really shootin' shit (on God) Y'all riding 'round like killers, nigga, who the fuck you hit? (21) She let me nut in her jaw, I would've hit raw, but she ain't have walls (21) This ain't middle school, when you sucking on me, please include the balls (on God) Thirty hanging off my TEC, gang don't tippy-toe, nigga, we step (21) Richard Mille cost more than all that cheap ass shit sitting 'round your neck (pussy) Buster, I could've booked you for a show same price that I booked this jet (fool) 12 already know, now they interrogate me if you got hit below the neck (shh) Runnin' from the cops in a goddamn Rolls (ayy) I just cooked a opp on a goddamn stove (cook him) Shot up the opp block, and I robbed all they stores (yeah) Slime, do you got clocks? Nigga, twenty times four (let's go) Yeah, nigga flexing money, if I want it, then I'll take it, yeah (Doe Beezy) Heard y'all run them faces, you ain't heard? I shoot faces, yeah Fuck shit, better save it, you ain't heard? We don't play it, uh (no cap) If a nigga had some beef with us, he met the pavement, uh (gang gang, gang) This that ain't no cap at all, I can't hang around no fraud Niggas hating 'cause I ball, grrah, problem solved (grrah graah) Hit your bitch, blow out her walls, I just bust all in her jaws Bitch, we slimy as they come, my youngin' probably snake his dawg (slatt, slatt) Cop that Rove' (woo, woo), and that Rolls (woo, woo, skrrt) All my niggas sick, they wipe your nose (grrt, bah) Ain't never froze (nah, nah), I blow my pole (boom, boom) Heard you gangster, it don't count no more, you told (pussy) No, this Raf shit can't change, we just running up them bands (let's go) Tryna figure out which opp that's gon' get murdered with my advance (Freebandz) Popped a pill, it got me geeked up, nigga, catch me when I land (let's go) Please don't play like I won't hop right off the jet, jump in a minivan (oh really?)

  • Pierre snapped wit this beat 🔥

  • I hear dae dae

  • Why did this song get removed from soundcloud

  • Love 21 savage his my favorite rapper so is post malon

  • Masterpeice😫💯

  • Pierre is the Kanye of our generation 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I wanted to hit raw but she didn't have jaws😂😂

  • 5,8 9,3 Wakey wakey Wins!!!!!

  • افخم زفة جديد 2020 🌺اضغط 👇للا ستماع👇

  • Doeboy fckn slapped

  • 0:52 Could he be talking about the shooting incident with the rolls Royce on River North Street outside the Cuvee?🤔🧐

  • 😜songs to fire

  • Shot up da opp block and I robbed all they stores

  • Why did 21 go so stupid on this

  • This song needs nudy

  • Tear his scalp now he out like a light!!

  • What bpm was dis beat made 2??

  • this song fye

  • Ohhhh reallyyyyyy ya ‼️‼️

  • If I hit NY I take my shank like a Yankee 🔥🔥🔥

  • My niggas slimy as they come.. my youngins probably snake🐍 his dog🐶 🔥🔥🔥💯 #slaaattt sht

  • OH Realllllllyy yah