Your Wish is My Command | Hannah Stocking

Publicat pe 17 iul. 2019
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    • Hi

    • I downloaded it OMG its so cheap i think but u need to dowload it guys and hannah am biggest fan of u and Lele, Juanpa,Anwar...

    • I love you Hannah banana💛🍌🍌

    • Aalya Yaqoob 👖🎩🎩🧢🧢👙👙🧢👘🐥🐮🦇🙉kdkcck

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  • I love your videos, I subscribed and turned on the notifications

  • Wish is cheap because it bad af

  • Amazon for broke people

  • The way she went woooahh like morganizanim

  • I love Hannah's hair❤💙💜

  • Me: Mom can I have a dollar? Mom: Sure *She hands me the dollar* Me: Thanxx *Goes to the store, see's a bag of candy that I want* Ooo!! *Look's at the price* Bag of candy: $2:00 Me: -_-

  • Longest Wish ad I've ever seen

  • “Six months later Hannah was a worldwide sensation” It would take six months for the things to actually ship 😂

  • Buy me some sex clothes size7-8 and 9-10

  • Saw this video when it came out and, Wow, I bought a dress and it is preettttyyy great!Thx for recommending!!

  • Wish take too long to deliver their items. I ordered a Popsocket and didn't come until like a month or two later

  • How much you wanna bet hanna wont hart this

  • I like watching your vids and you have talent

  • Dickhead

  • Hannah. I like this Sees price. Not anymore

  • I got wish and now I’m addicted

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  • Happy birthday 🎂 ❤✌🎂🎉👏🍰 🍰 ❤

  • You are the best..I never get tired of watching your videos 😄

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  • I love wish I’ve been using it since last year and my mum thinks I have a problem Becasue money goes in my bank then disappears

  • Lol I was looking for websites that aren’t expensive just before I was watching this video

  • You looked so much like Katy here.

  • 3:27 I want that cloak so bad can someone link me it pls

  • I hate wish

  • U r beautiful I look all of yr videos

  • i already have wish like i have it 2 years already

  • I thought that app was fake first 😂

  • Hannah: this is so cute! Checks the price:😥😓😱😵

  • Wish sucks

  • Wish is so fake because they sell fake dresses and everything I don’t understand why they keep sponsoring they probably give celebrities real things because there celebrities

  • 0:38 nuh 429

  • Too bad i live in Sweden......

  • My wish is to have likes for once😯😯😯

  • 10000000:00

  • I love u soooooooo much hannah ur the best


  • Hey Hannah Stocking If You Are Reading This I Love You So Much You And Le Le Pons So much

  • I order loads of stuff of wish and it still hasn't come in been waiting 4 months

  • I love it my mom uses wish all the time to order things and love you so much ❤❤❤

  • Who else laughed at 0:31?

  • My wish is Hannah's merch😄

  • HANNAH:Aw I love this *Looks at tag* HANNAH:Oh not anymore I died of laughter😂😂😂

  • You are the best you tuber and so is Lele you guys are so funny and you videos are so exiting

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  • no clearance code😂?

  • I always see a comment that got liked and the wish I want is for u to notice me T-T day one

  • Yes I knew it would be a dog doing sports

  • Wish scammed me and my mom one time and it was a lot of money

  • With scammed me one time

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  • I love Hannah’s craziness

  • Well I wish I didn’t waste 4 min of my life watching this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I see it I like it I check the price I put it back

  • Those bangs!😂😂

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  • I’ve watched this about 100000 times and still obsessed x

  • Wish is chaep becus its fake

  • This looks like a commercial for wish

  • My wish is : To have a mansion and dogs and my own servants

  • Gete berte suma gerte uhaen

  • I want a chef and manshion and tons of luck

  • I LOVE YOU SO.....

  • I love Hannah she is so inspiring and is super funny

  • You guys know that nothing is as it seems in wish because it's made so much more cheaper clothes

  • Hey hot do want at sex

  • 0:27-0:29 if you love hearing Hannah say wow

  • are we just ignoring the fact she has a fake grass and shes really in hr house when they on there phones


  • Omg you are sooooooooo funny hannah

  • Hannah I’m always watching you , Lele pons , Inna sarkis and Twan kuyper